As we settle into the New Year, it’s the perfect time to look at new ways to refresh and update your cafe. Updating your cafe menu boards can easily create a fresh perspective in your coffee shop, restaurant, bar or hospitality space, without too much fuss. 

A new menu design can give your cafe a fresh and updated look, making it appealing to both new and regular customers. It's also an opportunity to showcase your menu favorites and promote new specials and items that you're excited about.

When it comes to cafe menus, here at George & Willy we understand the importance of having a menu that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our Menu designs are crafted to be both functional and visually appealing, providing the perfect balance for your cafe. 

Here are our favourite menu boards from the range that will instantly refresh your cafe look. 

Wooden Letter Board menu display

The Wooden Letter Boards stacked side-by-side for an extended menu wall display

Studio Paper Roller

The George & Willy Wall Mounted Paper Roller is a playful way to display your cafe or restaurant menu. 

A creative paper roll holder, the kraft paper can be rolled down and secured under the metal bar, then neatly torn off when it’s time for new menu items. Not only is it a great option for everyday menus, it is also the perfect way to display daily specials and baked fresh daily menu items. Keen to try the George & Willy Studio Roller in your space? Check out the wall-mounted paper roller.

The Studio Roller kraft paper menu displaying a coffee and drinks menu in a cafe

Hanging Menu Board

The Hanging Menu Board is the perfect menu to display in your cafe. Pair side by side in tandem as a pair for a more dramatic effect, or for larger sized cafe menus. The Hanging Menu features a magnetic and reversible face plate so that you can easily swap between two menus or messages, making daily changes a breeze! A stylish and modern way to refresh your cafe or restaurant. If this looks like it will suit your space, take a look at the Hanging Menu Board.

hanging menu board magnetic menu display

A changeable George & Willy Hanging Menu Board

Felt Board

Easy to adjust daily, and something a bit unique. 

The novelty of felt meets functionality with the Felt Board Menu. The individual slot letters make it easy to update when your menu offers changes, which in some cases might be daily.

The Felt Board makes for the perfect way to display menu or bar options in a slightly more casual, but playful way. View the Felt Board range.

Three small Felt Boards in a row for an extended menu display in a coffee shop

Atelier Letter Board

The Atelier Cafe Wall Letter Board is the ultimate menu for refined spaces. This wall letterboard is an elegant option for your coffee shop, restaurant or bar menu display. One of our best selling products, designed to make changing your menu a dream. It not only looks modern and stylish but is also functional enough you’ll want to change it up daily. View the Atelier Letter Board.

A changeable atelier letter board menu display

A changeable Atelier Letter Board Menu Display

All of our menu designs are made from high-quality materials and come in a range of colors and styles to suit your cafe's unique aesthetic. From minimalist designs to more elaborate styles, we have something for every type of cafe. 

Contact us today to find out more about our menu design services and how we can help refresh your cafe's menu for the new year.

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George Wilkins