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 Un affichage polyvalent pour de multiples situations, le panneau interchangeable est une solution idéale pour les entreprises qui cherchent à promouvoir leur marque, leur menu ou leurs actualités dans la rue ou sur le trottoir. Le présentoir autoportant peut contenir une affiche imprimée ou une pancarte corflute, qui peuvent être insérées dans le cadre rapidement et en toute sécurité.



Standing Height: 91cm/36.0”
Stand Base: 59cm/23.2”
Visible Sign Face: 53.3cm/21.0” (W) x 77cm/30.3” (H)
Sign Panel (Insert) Size: 55.5cm/21.8” (W) x 78.8cm/31.0” (H)
Materials: Aluminum, Acrylic
Weight: 18.9lbs / 8.6kg


Can the Interchangeable Sign be used outdoors?

Yes, the Interchangeable Sign can be used in undercover spaces outdoors, but we wouldn't recommend placing it anywhere exposed to heavy rain or wind, as when used with a printed poster it is not considered 100% weather-proof.

How can I display my business using the poster stand?

The Interchangeable Sign can be used with a printed poster between the acrylic panels supplied, or a corflute board sourced from your local printing company. The frame fits two 3mm corflute boards back-to-back, or one 5mm board.

What size display fits in the Interchangeable Sign?

The outdoor frame fits an insert 55.5cm/21.8” (W) x 78.8cm/31.0” in size.

What other sidewalk signs does George & Willy sell?

We also have the A-Frame Sign, Large Sidewalk Sign, and Chalk Sandwich Board. For something a little different, take a look at the lollipop-style Standing Sign too.

What other menu display options do you sell?

We have a range of menu displays in all kinds of shapes and sizes, including the Menu Board, Magnetic Menu Board, Ceiling Menu Board, and Atelier Letter Board. For more options, take a look at our full range of Letter Boards.

Customer Reviews

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If you’re opening a storefront, make sure you’re thinking about signage!!
When we first opened, we didn’t give business signage much thought. Ofc, we know now just how important it is.
We’re still saving up for a big sign, but we wanted to make sure we were making it easier for friends to find us (without skimping on quality).
That’s where @georgeandwilly comes in 🥹 We opted to invest in their interchangeable sign, open/closed sign and their opening hours sign.
What we love about the interchangeable sign and the opening hours sign is that we still get to change the info if we need to (like for when we close for private events).
Looking forward to the day we get a big sign up 💭 Until then…we can all just enjoy the beauty of what we have currently 🫶
P.S. This is NOT gifted, we just really love @georgeandwilly LOL


WOOHOO Our new street sign is up.


Loved this sign for my pop-up store! It was SO easy to assemble, sturdy, & looked great. It was also strong enough to stand safely on windy days. The packaging was 10/10 as well. Nice work G&W

Sam -.G.B.G.

I just liked the idea of being able to change it out, if we've got a special or whatever, we can chuck it on there. It's not a huge commitment.


great value for money for businesses who regularly change their offer/displays. Very easy to change posters.