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Das Atelier Letter Board ist eine Menütafel für raffinierte Räume. Sorgfältig aus präzisionsgeschliffenem Metall gefertigt, in klassischem Schwarz oder zeitlosen Bronzefarben. Dieses Wandbriefbrett ist eine elegante Option für die Präsentation Ihrer Coffeeshop-Speisekarte.

*Bitte beachten Sie: Die Bronzefarbe des Atelier Letter Boards wurde aktualisiert. Wenn Sie die Menüanzeige nachbestellen und sicherstellen möchten, dass Sie die gleiche Farbe erhalten, nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf.


Rail Length: 1000mm

Letter Height: 28mm

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Weight: 3.8kgs

*Includes 10 Rails & 540 Symbols & Numbers.

Suitable for indoor use only.


Can the Atelier Letter menu board be mounted into a tile?

Yes, you can mount the rails to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from the hardware store though as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick - only wooden and drywall surfaces. Take a look at our blog post, how to drill into a wall tile for a step-by-step guide.

What is used to install the bars?

The Atelier Letter Board wall display comes with all the necessary hardware for getting your cafe menu up and running, including its own set of stainless screws and all hardware required for easy installation of your coffee menu. All you will need is an extra set of hands, a level, and a drill.

How do you know what height to space all of the changeable letter rails for the cafe menu board?

Each Atelier Letter Board set comes with a spacer to help with easy and simple installation so you can have your menu up and running in no time.

What are the changeable letters made out of?

The Atelier Letter Board letters are made of aluminium display lettering with an anodized coating, available in classic black or timeless bronze.

Is there a bigger size of the Atelier Letter Board?

At this stage, we only offer half and full set sizes of the changeable letterboard. However, if you purchase multiple products, they can be installed together to stack higher or extend wider on a wall. This can be achieved with any of our menu boards, including the Wooden Letter Board, Atelier Letter Board, and Market Chalkboard. Otherwise, the Studio Roller is a great option too.

Can I buy extra letters if I run out?

Yes, you sure can. If you have ordered the Atelier Letter Board and find that you’re short, we sell extra kits of the changeable display letters here

What other menu boards do George & Willy sell?

We have a range of letterboards and coffee shop menus available, including the Ceiling Menu Board, Felt Board, and Magnetic Menu Board. To see all of our menu displays, take a look at our full range of letterboards.

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Our drink menu is finally up! Signage from @georgeandwilly


all the pieces had finally come together better than I could’ve ever imagined✨

Newport C.

design matters. We believe the best experiences engage all of our senses. We care about the details, because beautiful and functional design has the power to make something as simple as getting coffee into a moment of impact. As we look ahead, we know the future will continue to include great collaborations that help us shape the environments we’d like to hang out in


Our menu on the wall is our special grains, they are apart of the tolva. This is where we share grains from different toasters worldwide.

Mikael B.@.

It's a very close fit design-wise with how we how we design ourselves, we use a lot of white as an example. It's very clean. So yeah, it's my go-to