Minimal brevtavle

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Tile Color

 Minimal Letter Board er en menuvisning , der er designet til at ændre sig, som du gør. Individuelle skinner og udskiftelige kort bogstavfliser gør det nemt at opdatere, hvad der tilbydes. Denne minimale menutavle kræver ingen skruer og inkluderer klæbemiddel til at fastgøre skinnerne til din valgte overflade.

*Bemærk venligst: Kortbogstaverne er dobbeltsidede, så du kan vælge den farvekombination, der passer til dig.


Rail Length: 500mm
Letter Height: 40mm
Material: Card and Aluminum
Weight: 2kgs

*Includes 10 x rails & 1 x letter pack (9 sheets)
Suitable for indoor use only.


Can you provide longer rails for the Minimal Card Letter Board?

No, sorry, we don’t make custom-sized Minimal Card Letter Board sets. However, if you add two menu board rails together horizontally you will double their length. 

Does the Minimal Menu Board come with numbered tiles so we can put prices on our menu as well?

Yes, it sure does. When you order a Card Minimal Letter Board, it comes with 10 tiles of each number from 0-9.

How do I install the Card Letter Board?

The Minimal Menu Board is very easy to install, with handy instructions included, a drill and level will be essential for installing the menu board correctly. 

Can I order extra card menu letters if I run out?

We do not sell extra letter kits for the Card Menu Display, but all of our Card letter displays also come with extra vinyl stickers of characters that can be placed on the blank back of tiles if you run out. 

Does the Minimal Letter Board come in other colors?

At this stage, the display lettering is available in either sage, pink or black. The aluminum rails are white.

Can the Minimal Letter Board be mounted outdoors?

The Minimal Cafe Menu Board is designed as an interior menu display. Although the rails are made from aluminum, so not susceptible to rust, the Card display tiles will last a lifetime when used indoors only. 

Customer Reviews

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Great looking menu board

I was very satisfied with the quality of this menu board - the rails feel sturdy and the package included plenty of cards. The product also shipped quickly. Overall I would definitely recommend this board over the cheaper ones you see on other online retailers; the price tag is definitely worth it.