Segno del negozio

€342 EUR


L'insegna da appendere è una nuova interpretazione della classica insegna da appendere. Il design accurato rende questa insegna da appendere un'aggiunta senza tempo alla tua vetrina, un'insegna aziendale perfetta per negozi al dettaglio, negozi e caffè.

Nota: questo cartello non è compatibile con i magneti.


Sign Face: 460mm (L) x 460mm (W)
Mounting Rod Length: 620.5mm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 3.7kgs

*Includes multiple strap options - Bronze + Black.
Suitable for outdoor use.


Does the Store Sign come with screws for mounting?

Yes, the shop sign comes with screws for mounting into concrete or wooden surfaces.

Is the Store Sign weatherproof?

The Store Sign was designed to be installed outdoors, but the metal business sign may swing in windy conditions, so be sure to take this into consideration when choosing where to install it. Being made from aluminum, the sign is also weatherproof, resistant to rust, and suitable for coastal areas.

Is the Metal Business Sign magnetic?

The shop sign's faceplate is constructed from aluminum, which is not compatible with magnets.

Can I use a pen on the outdoor shop sign?

We would not recommend using any kind of pen on the shop sign. To add a decal, get in touch with your local signwriter who will be able to help.

Does logo printing come with the wall-mounted Store Sign?

No, we sell our outdoor business blade signs as blank and we don't provide a signwriting service. Your local signwriter will be able to make and apply a vinyl adhesive to the store sign.

What other Shop Sign or Blade Sign options does George & Willy sell?

For more outdoor wall sign options, take a look at the Round Sign, Flag Sign, or Square Panel Sign. For something a little bigger, check out the Big Round Sign, or for something smaller, the Circle Sign. For sidewalk signs, footpath signs, or pavement signs, see the A-Frame Sign, Welcome Sign, and Chalk Sandwich Board, Standing Round Sign, and Stake Circle Signs. For a light-up or illuminated sign that's more visible at night, take a look at one of our newest products, the Round Light Box Sign.

Customer Reviews

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We are so impressed with the speed and quality of the sign we ordered. Couldn't be more happy


We deliver best-in-class creative office spaces by redeveloping underused properties in Los Angeles. By using premium materials and thinking of the tenant first, we find success in our product. The George & Willy signage is a reflection of such care and we are pleased to do business with them for plug and play signage fixtures.

Holm H.S.

It's really added class to the space.


The Store Sign from George and Willy for Baron Barbers is a sleek and eye-catching addition to our business. Its modern design and personalised branding make it a standout feature, drawing in customers and adding a touch of sophistication to our storefront.


Love these. Thanks for the craftsmanship