Titolare del segno in piedi

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Progettato come supporto per insegne per menu o poster all'ingresso del tuo negozio o accanto al bancone. Ilil supporto per cartelli èdisponibile in quattro colori diversi e può essere utilizzato come supporto per menu per visualizzare prezzi, menu, o avvisi.

Nota: questo cartello non è impermeabile e pertanto non è consigliabile lasciarlo all'aperto in condizioni di bagnato.


Standing Sign Holder: 1062mm (L) x 225mm (W)
Base Diameter: 280mm
Faceplate: 307mm (H) x 225mm (W)
Material: Aluminum, Acrylic
Weight: 4kgs

*Suitable for indoor use & outdoor under shelter.


How big is the faceplate on the Standing Sign Holder?

The faceplate for the Poster Sign Menu Holder is 30.7cm (L) x 22.5cm (W).

Can I use both sides of the Standing Sign Holder?

Yes, you can! The faceplate of the sign stand is clear on both sides so you can print your message or menus to read on both sides of the standing sign.

Do paper or card menus come with the Standing Sign Holder?

The sign holders do not come with cards or paper menus, but they're very easy to have printed at your local stationery store and can be cut to size as per the sign holder dimensions above.

Can the Standing Sign Holders be used outdoors?

The sign stand can be used outdoors however, it is not waterproof & therefore can not be left outdoors in wet conditions.

Is the Standing Sign Holder magnetic?

No, the menu stands are not magnetic but the Table Talkers are compatible with magnets.

What material is the Standing Sign Holder made from?

The sign stands are made from Aluminum.

What other menu holder options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Counter Signs, the Standing Counter Signs, the Tabletop Sign, the Circle Sign, and the Card Counter Signs for something a little different. Have a look at our complete Tabletop Collection for more.

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