Segno di bandiera

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Un primo sguardo accogliente e funzionale al tuo bar o shop, il nostro a forma di bandiera la targa aziendale è fattabene e progettata per durare. Realizzata in materiale resistente alle intemperie, la targa può essere installata all'interno o all'esterno e arriva vuota e pronta per il marchio della tua azienda.

Nota: questo cartello non è compatibile con i magneti.


Rod From Wall: 480mm / 20”
Sign Face: 298mm / 12” W x 298mm / 12” H
Mounting Plate: 80mm / 3.15”
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 2kg / 4.4lbs
*Screws included for mounting into wood or drywall.


Does the storefront Flag Sign come with screws for mounting?

Yes, the Flag Sign comes with screws for mounting into both a wooden/drywall and concrete surface.

How big is the faceplate on the metal sign?

The faceplate on the Flag Sign is 28.9cm (H) x 30cm (W).

How do I install the Flag Sign?

The Flag Sign is very easy to install, with handy instructions included with each order. 

Can I use a marker pen to write on the Flag Sign?

We would not recommend using any kind of pen on the Flag Sign. To add a decal, get in touch with your local signwriter who will be able to help.

What material is the round storefront Flag Sign made from?

The Flag Sign is made from 100% aluminium, which means it is suitable for exterior spaces. We made the sign from aluminium as this material can not rust and lasts better outside than other storefront signage materials such as wood and steel. 

Does logo printing come with the sign?

We sell our Flag Signs as blanks and don't provide a signwriting service. This is because each customer has such different requirements in terms of printing and branding. We recommend getting in touch with a local signwriter who will be able to help you.

What other shop sign or blade sign options does George & Willy sell?

We sell a range of Signs in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and for all kinds of purposes. Check out our Round Sign, A-Frame Sign, Countertop Sign, and one of our favourites, the Standing Sign.

Customer Reviews

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Thank you! We absolutely love our new sign from George & Willy. It’s simple yet professional and goes beautifully in our garden setting. Thank you for making high quality signage for even small businesses like ours🙌

Maria J.
The sign screams quality

The sign screams quality and we are very happy with them. The aesthetics is very nice and we haven’t be able to find anything like it elsewere. All in all: super nice products!

West S.

They're a quality product that suited our unique space. It's usually hard to find something out of the box that would fit in well in a space built by hand but we're stoked on it.

Bryn O.
Swift Delivery, Thoughtful Presentation, and Superior Quality

Super quick delivery. Product wrapped thoughtfully in beautiful wrapping paper. Very high quality product. Super easy to install. Fantastic service overall. Really impressed with this outfit.

Seigo N.
Amazing product!

Product is amazing, arrived quickly and was exactly what we were looking for!