Visualizzazione del menu ad arco

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La bacheca magnetica Arch è un modo innovativo per visualizzare il tuo menu. Con un design moderno e minimalista del menù, questa è l'aggiunta perfetta al tuo ristorante, bar o caffetteria. Inoltre, le lettere magnetiche rendono facile cambiare l'offerta.


    Small Menu Board Face: 500mm / 19.68" x 300mm / 11.81"
    Small Wooden Base: 160mm / 6.30" x 20mm / 0.79"
    Material: Steel
    Weight: 3.9kgs/8.60lbs

    Large Menu Board Face: 800mm / 31.45" x 430mm / 16.93"
    Large Wall Bracket: 220 / 8.66" x 42.5 / 1.67"
    Material: Steel
    Weight: 6.4 kgs / 14.11 lbs
    *Wooden base is only included with small sign sizes.

    *Includes Small & Regular Magnet Letters


    What are the changeable letters made out of?

    The Magnetic Menu Board letters are made of foam with a magnetic backing which allows you to stick them to the steel menu letter boards.

    Do both sizes of the Magnet Letter Menu include a wooden base?

    No, only the small variant comes with a wooden base. The larger size of the menu display is designed to be fixed to the wall.

    Can I buy extra magnet letters if I run out?

    Yes, you sure can. If you have ordered the magnet letter menu board and find that you’re short, we sell extra kits of the changeable display letters here

    Is there a bigger size of the Magnet Letter Menu?

    Yes, there is a whole range of Magnet Letter Menu boards and letter displays that you can choose from for your cafe or bakery, explore the range here.

    What other shapes are available in the Menu Display Range?

    We also have the Rectangle Menu Display the Arch Menu Display, the Circle Menu Display, and the Curve Menu Display to suit the fit-out of your business.

    What other menu boards do George & Willy sell?

    We have a range of letterboards and coffee shop menus available, including the Ceiling Menu Board, Menu Board, Felt Board, and Stamped Card Menu. To see all of our menu displays, take a look at our full range of letterboards.

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