Card Counter Signs - Set of 12

€216 EUR


The George & Willy card holders are a tidy way to display your goods. Simply write on the card, slip it into the front of the sign, and place it on your countertop for a clean and consistent display. Perfect for your cafe, bakery or retail store. 


    Counter Sign: 91mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 28mm (D)
    Card: 90mm (L) x 55mm (W)
    Materials: Aluminum, Card
    Weight: 1.1kgs

    *Includes 12x Card Counter Signs & 100x cards.
    Suitable for indoor use only.


    How big are the Card Counter Signs?

    The Card Counter Signs measure 91mm (L) x 55mm(W) x 28mm (D).

    How many signs will come in each pack?

    Each pack comes with 12 card holders and a pad of 100 white cards and a set of stamps.

    If I run out of card, can I purchase an extra pack?

    We don't sell extra card pads, but if you need some more, larger pieces of card are easy to find at your local supplies store, and can be cut to size - 90mm (L) x 55mm (W).

    What material is the metal price sign made from?

    The Card Counter Sign stand is made from aluminum.

    How can I display messages on the Card Counter Signs?

    The small cards can be stamped on using a stamp set, or handwritten on using your favorite pen.  

    What other countertop options does George & Willy sell?

    Take a look at the Counter Signs, Specials Board, and Table Talkers for smaller signs designed to fit on your till, counter, or tables. Alternatively, take a look at our full range of Tabletop Signage and Menu Boards.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews

    We deliver best-in-class creative office spaces by redeveloping underused properties in Los Angeles. By using premium materials and thinking of the tenant first, we find success in our product. The George & Willy signage is a reflection of such care and we are pleased to do business with them for plug and play signage fixtures.

    Michael G.@.

    Minimalistic, while maintaining a tactile and warm feeling. It’s clear that your products are made to last and they are designed with functionality in mind, which is why they ended up becoming essentials here at Fusillo.

    Stephen M.

    I have used George & Willy a few times now and I must say each time they have delivered on their promise. It came with clear instructions and was super easy to put up. It’s a real eye catcher and lots of customers admire it on a daily basis in our Pub & Restaurant Spitalfields Dublin. The most recent one was the card counter sign. It comes with small signs, cards and stamps. We just can’t stop using it as it’s so much fun. We’ve even started to use it to address any cards we send. With prompt service & delivery I can’t but give George & Willy a glowing 5 star review. We can’t wait to purchase our next item…

    Roberto M.C.
    Great product with aesthetics

    It fits what I was looking for, the only thing I would like it to be a little easier at the time of putting the ink. Otherwise it's amazing thank you

    Zsófia O.
    Great service

    I purchased the card counter signs and I am very happy with it! The packaging is great, no plastic, high quality. Can’t wait to use it! Highly recommend it