Round Table Talkers - Set om 6

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Designat som ett magnetiskt bordstält för dina kafé- eller bageribordsskivor. Finns i tre storlekar, det finns en bordspratare för att visa vad du har att erbjuda.


Small Sign Face: 165mm (L) x 115mm (W)
Total Sign Height: 171mm
Material: Steel, Beech Wood, Magnet
Weight: 0.25kgs

Medium Sign Face: 227mm (L) x 160mm (W)
Total Sign Height: 234mm
Material: Steel, Beech Wood, Magnet
Weight: 0.45kgs

Large Sign Face: 325mm (L) x 230mm (W)
Total Sign Height: 332.5mm
Material: Steel, Beech Wood, Magnet
Weight: 7.8kgs

*Includes 6 x individual Table Talkers & 54 circular magnets.
Suitable for indoor use only.


How big are the faceplates on the metal table tents?

The Medium Table Talker faceplate is 16cm (W) X 22.7cm (L), perfect for mounting an A5 piece of paper or card, and the Small Table Talker faceplate is 11.5cm (W) X 16.4cm (L), ideal for A6. The Large Table Talker Faceplate is 32.5cm (L) x 23cm (W), perfect for A4.

Can I use both sides of the Table Talkers?

Yes, you can! The faceplate of the tabletop signs is blank and magnetic on both sides, so you can add menus or magnetic letters to both.

Do paper or card menus come with the Table Talkers?

These signs do not come with card or paper menus, but they're very easy to have printed at your local stationery store and can be cut to size as per the product dimensions above.

Can the Table Talkers be used outdoors?

Unfortunately, the table top sign holders are only designed for use indoors and they are not considered water or weatherproof.

Are the Table Talkers magnetic?

Yes! We have included 54 small circular magnets in each pack for suspending paper or card menus on the tabletop sign holders, or you could add a set of our Magnet Letters to spell out the daily specials or a menu.

How many letters come with the extra magnet letters?

Each pack of the optional magnet letters includes 524 characters in two font sizes (1,048 total). 

How many Table Talkers will come in each pack?

Each pack comes with 6 Table Talkers and 54 small circular magnets.

What material is the metal menu sign made from?

The table top sign holders are made from magnetic steel and the base is crafted from beechwood.

What other countertop options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Counter Signs, the Standing Counter Signs, the Tabletop Sign, the Circle Sign, and the Card Counter Signs for something a little different. Have a look at our complete Tabletop Collection for more.

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