Prateleiras Flutuantes - Conjunto de 3

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With Magnets*
Exiba seus produtos com a prateleira flutuante. Uma solução de armazenamento elegante para seu café, escritório, cozinha ou qualquer outro lugar. Disponível em três tamanhos, cada conjunto inclui três prateleiras, as prateleiras de parede metálicas adicionam personalidade a qualquer espaço.

Small Shelf: 300mm (L) x 151.4mm (W) x 29.2mm (H) (holds 4kgs)
Material: Steel
Weight: 0.7kgs

Medium Shelf: 650mm (L) x 151.4mm (W) x 29.2mm (H) (holds 6kgs)
Material: Steel
Weight: 1.5kgs

Large Shelf: 900mm (L) x 151.4mm (W) x 29.2mm (H) (holds 8kgs)
Material: Steel
Weight: 2.1kgs

*Includes screws included in two colors.
Suitable for indoor use only.


How many wall shelves come in each pack?

The floating wall shelves come in packs of three.

Can I mix and match colours and sizes of the shelves?

We sell the wall shelves in packs of three, which are all the same size and colour. To mix and match, you will need to purchase multiple packs of the shelves.

How do I install the Floating Shelves?

The Floating Shelves are very easy to install, with handy instructions included with each order.

How much weight can the wall shelves hold?

The Floating Shelves are able to hold different weights depending on the size you choose. Once installed, the small shelves can hold 4kg, medium 6kg, and large 8kg. We would not recommend loading any more weight than this onto the shelves as we cannot guarantee they will be secure.

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Dannie S.

Great set - easy to mount!