Tábua de sanduíche de giz

€172 EUR €344


A nostalgia do giz encontra a engenharia e o design funcional da marca G&W. Um quadro-sanduíche clássico que se adapta a cada frente de loja. Cada placa inclui giz de cortesia para facilitar a escrita da placa.

*Não recomendamos o uso de canetas de giz líquido neste display de giz e ele não é compatível com ímãs.


Assembled Sign: 655mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 570mm (D)
Sign Face: 700mm (L) x 450mm (W)
Material: Aluminum, Brass
Weight: 9.8kgs

*Suitable for outdoor use.


Do you also brand the Chalk Sandwich Board signs or do you only sell them as blanks?

We only supply the Chalk Sandwich Boards as blanks. However, the Chalk Sandwich Board is really easy to get branded by a signwriter. Our favourite thing about it is that it's coated with a finished surface that also allows you to use chalk on it, however, we would not recommend using liquid chalk pens on this sign.

Is the Chalk Sandwich Board suitable for high wind areas?

The Chalk Sandwich Board is suitable for low to mid wind areas, and if you're concerned, we recommend purchasing the Sandbags to go with your sandwich board.

What material is the Chalk Sandwich Board?

The faceplate and parts that come with each Chalk Sandwich Board are all powder-coated aluminium, and the brass hook is made out of real brass (with a special coating to keep it from fading), so they're not compatible with magnets. It will never rust which is great for any seaside store.

What other names do people use to describe the Chalk Sandwich Board?

Depending on what country you are in, people use all sorts of different names, such as the metal sandwich board, metal A-frame sign, sandwich board, sidewalk sign, footpath sign, aframe, or pavement sign.

What other A-Frame Sign or Sandwich Board options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Standing Sign, the Large Sidewalk Sign, and the A-Frame Sign. If you're interested to hear about new product launches, sign yourself up to our mailer at the bottom of this page to keep in the loop!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

This sandwich board cost significantly more than others we've used in the past, but the craftsmanship of the product is well worth the pricetag. It's one of the first things people see when walking up to our main entrance, so that matters! The board stands up to windier days without issue, beautifully communicating upcoming events and menu additions at the shop. (Customers have actually complimented it on multiple occasions.) And because it's so durable, I know I won't have to purchase another one for a long, long time. From both a utility and an aesthetic standpoint, I definitely made the right choice for my business.


Just love the sleek & creative design of George & Willy for our Cafe in France. We’ve been ordering since 2016, the quality is amazing & has lasted over the years. Even their packaging is beautiful so it’s always a treat receiving an order!

Holm H.S.

It's really added class to the space.


The G&W chalkboard is a great sign even without chalk. Minimalist, sleek and great value for money.

George R.L.E.C.

We love is that they all match our aesthetic; they’re also very easy to install and durable