Azulejos de tablero de letras de madera extra

€121 EUR

Tile Colour

Inspiradas en las tranquilas tardes de juegos de mesa con las que sueñas despierto, las letras de pared de madera son el menú ideal, la lista de tareas pendientes, el lugar para ideas o el tablero de reflexión en casa.


Tiles: 46mm (L) x 35mm (W)

*Includes 1x set of 400 letters, numbers & symbols.

Customer Reviews

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We love love love our @georgeandwilly board


My coffee bar is located inside the former station house of our village's train station just 30 minutes from New York City. The building was designed by the same architect who was responsible for Grand Central Terminal. So when I thought about how the cafe would look, I wanted to pay homage to the past and connect our offerings with the railway. To my eye, the Wooden Letter Board by George & Willy was reminiscent of the original whirring departure boards at Grand Central from days of yore -- and they've been a part of our space ever since opening our doors!

Whitley L.

I absolutely love our letter board. We got it to use in our music rehearsal room at our church so we can change out different song lyrics or scriptures. It looks SO beautiful and the packing was also so beautiful. The hanging up was also very simple.

Stringer A.
Wooden letter rails are the coolest.

We use a lot of these menu rails in a nationwide Movie theater chain and we love them, they are easy to install and have such a cool look. we can use them for menu items or movie times and it always looks so clean. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company over many years and many orders.


In our cafe we don’t have a ton of space, so we knew the menu board was one of our only opportunities for a statement piece and the George and Willy pieces make a statement, for sure! We were looking for something easy to read and with enough room for small and large prices as well as hot and iced- this menu board was it! We get compliments all the time and I believe it’s helped increase our sales as well because it is so eye-catching.