Placa frontal magnética con letrero en forma de A

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La placa de letrero es una placa frontal magnética o de repuesto para su George & Willy Letrero con marco en A. Compatible con nuestro Letras magnéticas.

*Esto es solo para la placa frontal magnética. El soporte no está incluido.


    Face Plate: 460mm (L) x 460mm (W)
    Material: Steel

    *Suitable for indoor use only.


    Do you also brand the A-Frame Sandwich Boards or do you only sell them as blanks?

    We only supply the A-Frame sandwich boards as blanks. However, the A-Frame Sign is really easy to get branded by a signwriter.

    Can the A-Frame Sign and Magnetic Faceplate be used outside?

    We would not recommend using the magnetic faceplate outside, as it is crafted from steel which is susceptible to corrosion and rust.

    Where do I get the A-Frame Sandwich Board branded?

    You can get the A-Frame Sandwich Board branded at your local signwriter. If you send them your logo and tell them it is going on a 46cm x 46cm faceplate they will be able to get it applied for you.

    How big is the faceplate on the metal A-Frame Sign?

    The faceplate on the metal A-Frame Sign measures 46cm (H) x 46cm (W).

    Is the A-Frame Sign suitable for high wind areas?

    The sidewalk A-frame Sign is suitable for low to mid wind areas and if you are concerned, we recommend purchasing the sandbags to go with your A-Frame Sign, available here.

    Do you make the sidewalk sign in a different size?

    Yes! We also have the Large Sidewalk Sign, and for something slightly different, the Chalk Sandwhich Boardworks great with a chalk message or vinyl sticker decal. We do also sell a Countertop Sign, which is a smaller tabletop version of the A-Frame Sign.

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    Very nice product

    Beautiful product with a very nice finish. Very simple to place.
    Beautiful and eco friendly packaging.

    Lisa K.
    A-Frame Sign & Magnetic Face Plate

    This is exactly what we were after! We especially love your environmentally friendly, amazing packaging.