Peg Letter Board

€264 EUR


A simple system of peg letters and holes makes the Peg Letter Board quick to change and easy to read. This Peg Letter Board is the perfect solution to add style and functionality to your coffee shop decor, available in four colors so you can find the perfect shade for your cafe fit-out.


Small Peg Letter Board: 448mm (L) x 228mm (W)
Material: Steel
Weight: 1kgs
Includes 1 x set of Peg Letters in 2 x different sizes

Medium Peg Letter Board: 750mm (L) x 448mm (W)
Material: Steel
Weight: 2.7kgs
Includes 1 x sets of Peg Letters in 1 x different sizes

Large Peg Letter Board: 1149mm (L) x 596mm (W)
Material: Steel
Weight: 5.2kgs
Includes 2 x sets of Peg Letters in 2 x different sizes

*Each set includes both Small and Large Peg Letters
Small Letter Height: 12.5mm
Large Letter Height: 18.5mm
Suitable for indoor use only.


What is used to install the Metal Peg Letter Board?

Each peg letterboard comes with its own set of stainless screws and all hardware required for easy installation of your peg letter board sign.

Are there enough peg letters with one board for a cafe menu?

Each Peg Letter Board comes with a set of 552 font-sized peg letters in two different sizes (1,104 in total).

What are the changeable peg letters made out of?

The Peg Letter Board letters are made of plastic which means they will last a lifetime.

Can I order extra peg letters if I run out for my menu board?

Yes, you sure can. If you have ordered and find that you’re short on letters, we sell extra sets of the menu board Peg Letters.

Can I change the orientation of the Peg Letter Board?

Absolutely yes! The Letter Peg Board Sign can be installed in landscape/horizontal or portrait/vertical orientation on your wall.

Is there a bigger size of the Peg letterboard?

We offer 3 sizes of the peg letter board Otherwise, the Studio Roller is a customizable menu board that is as big as 48"/120cm wide, and the Atelier Letter Board is another changeable Letter Board format.

For other Letter Board products, check out our Small Wooden Letter Board and the Hanging Menu Board.

Are there smaller options of the peg letter menu?

We sell a range of menu displays and letterboards for all types of businesses and spaces, including theSpecials BoardandTable Talkers. For more table signs, take a look at ourrange of countertop signage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lawrence O.

The Peg Letter Boards were so easy to install and look so great I am kicking myself that I didn't buy them and put them up SOONER. They look great, are very high quality, stay put, and gave us a professional organized appearance. There is a bit of time investment in laying your sign out the first time, but once it's done, updating is a breeze. Looking forward to adding more items from this collection to the store!

Beau G.
Beautiful, well-designed products

I’d recommend these to anybody. I’m having a hard time not re-doing all the signage at out current bar, but taking solace in knowing that we’ll be using them for everything we do going forward.

Steven W.
Love the Peg Board

Our retail experience took an immediate step when we started using the Peg Letter Board for our menu. Very satisfied!