When it comes to designing your laundry room, there is a fine art to striking a balance between function & style. The somewhat mundane tasks associated with this space can often be tedious and lacklustre. When you combine this with limited space, the laundry room becomes something you’d rather avoid altogether.

We’ve put together a few ideas on how to save space in your laundry room as well as make the space in which you do your laundry, more inviting. 

Keep The Clutter At Bay 

A focused space, creates a focused mind. Stay on top of the clutter in your laundry with storage baskets for washing, detergents and other laundry room essentials, it will help to complete tasks more efficiently. Make sure to keep your most used items in handy reach for ease and convenience. Our Wooden Pegboard provides a perfect space for storing items and keeping them out of the way. Hang, stack, or store your laundry goods with our Wooden Pegboard Shelf.

Stack Your Washer & Dryer

If your laundry room is short for space, then stacking your Washer and Dryer vertically is key to maximising your space. Most brands now offer stacking kits to make this task as seamless as possible. If space is an issue, then the dual stack is for you.

Install a Hanging Drying Rack 

Our Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack is the ultimate laundry room must-have for those who want to elevate their drying game but are short on space. Our modern, yet functional system was crafted to keep your washing out of the way, and close to the ceiling where all that warm air is stored. The hanging drying rack is the perfect solution if you can’t justify taking up floor space like traditional bulky clothes racks. Not only does it look great, but it’s a better way to dry your clothes – whatever the weather.  

Make The Most of Your Walls 

It’s easy to forget about utilising wall space in your laundry room. Make the most of your wall space & opt for closed cabinets or open shelving (or even a combination of the two). Installing hooks, hanging rails, or floating shelves are a functional way to increase storage space in small areas. Our Wooden Pegboard shelf is the perfect way to transform your empty wall into a stylish & functional shelving unit.

Have some more ideas to share with us? 

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George Wilkins