Make your business stand out with the Square Wall Sign, great for capturing attention on the sidewalk in a fun and elegant way.

Your Square Wall Sign come blank and ready to have your branding or message applied to them. We do not provide vinyls but it can be done simply by your local sign writer. We are using the Round Wall Sign images to illustrate how to install it, but this exact process applies to the Square Wall Sign  too.

How to install the round wall sign



Select a space to install your sign. It is best for the sign to be fixed into studs or a solid wall. Depending on the wall pick between the wood screws or the concrete screws. Make sure the bracket is in portrait orientation. Use a level to get the bracket straight and fasten the screws with a drill. Put a screw in each of the four holes.

installing the round wall sign



Slide the Sign inside the Wall Bracket. Using the long magnetic driver screw driver supplied, fix the Bracket Bolts into the Wall Bracket to secure the Sign Face.

How to install the Round Wall sign

Start with the bottom bolts as this will hold the sign in place while you finish off the top bolts. It’s best to have two people to complete this step.



Your Square Wall Sign is now ready to go!

Round Wall Sign

Do the store front signs come with screws for mounting?

Yes, the Square Wall Sign comes with screws for mounting into a wooden surface.

Can the business signs be mounted on a tile?

Yes, you can mount the Square Wall Sign to tile or brick.

How big is the faceplate on the metal sign?

The faceplate on the Square Wall Sign is 23.6"/60cm H x 23.6"/60cm.

What coating is used on the store signs?

The shopfront signs are coated with a high performing outdoor powder coating.

What material is the storefront sign made from?

The Square Wall Sign are made from 100% aluminium. We made the sign from aluminium as this material can not rust and lasts better outside than other storefront signage materials such as wood and steel.

Does logo printing come with the sign?

We sell our wall-mounted signs as blanks and don't provide a signwriting service. This is because each customer has such different requirements in terms of printing and branding. We recommend getting in touch with a local signwriter who will be able to help you.

How do I get the shop sign branded?

Your local signwriter will be able to make and apply a vinyl adhesive to the shop sign, and this is a very easy process for them. To find out more about applying a vinyl decal, have a read of our dedicated blog post here. The Square Wall Sign are a very easy surface to apply branding to. 

Can this sign be used outside?

Yes, the Square Wall Sign are fine to use outside.

Do you do bulk discounts if we order more than ten wall signs?

Yes, we do, if you are ordering more than ten wall signs, get in touch with us.

What other Shop Sign or Blade Sign options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Round Shop Sign for outdoor signage, the A-Frame Sign and the Welcome Sign.

Phoebe Paterson