Looking at the housing market, I’ll be stuck in my tiny, one-bedroom flat (with my boyfriend and dog) until I’m 80. I don’t know if I can handle living in such a cramped space whilst creating an area that I am happy to call home. See, I have this habit, which my boyfriend claims is an issue, of buying home décor. Now before I become a hoarder, I thought I’d search some creative space saving solutions to implement in my home.

Home Office Design

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    1. Use the walls. It’s something I never really considered, other than for hanging art, but walls are invaluable when it comes to saving space. The Wooden Pegboard helps me transfer plants, knick-knacks, and decorative items out of “readily used” areas, like my desk or coffee table, to fresh spaces where they are still visible.

    2. Along with the utilizing the walls, the ceiling is a brilliant way to save space (yes, I’m serious). The Hanging Drying Rack removes the hassle of the dreaded washing horse and instead, uses a pulley system to easily air-dry clothes in a sustainable way. Our friend went to the next level and designed a laundry underneath her stairs!

      Creative Laundry Design

    3. Coffee Tables with compartments. My boyfriend is a builder (yes, very helpful) and created a coffee table where the top slides out to show a secret compartment. It allows items needed often to be kept close, without overloading and cluttering a space.

    4. Creating decent cupboard space and sticking to it. It’s more than throwing everything in the hallway cupboard, you’ve got to have a method to your madness, so you know where everything is kept. Utilizing storage space through putting things away correctly (like folding sheets opposed to scrunching it into a ball and hoping for the best) can allow for so much more room in cupboards and wardrobes.

      Coffee Table with CompartmentsCredit: Harwood Builders

Generally, trying to save goes hand-in-hand with any yo-pro, so none of these ideas are designed to break the bank. It’s about creating a space you love and are comfortable in. These tips won’t magically turn my shoebox-flat into a mansion (much to my dismay) but will certainly make the world of difference in day-to-day life.

Phoebe Paterson