Rouleau De Studio

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Paper Included

Le rouleau de papier mural George & Willy est une façon ludique d'afficher vos idées. Avec ce porte-rouleau de papier créatif, le papier kraft peut être enroulé et fixé sous la barre métallique, puis soigneusement arraché lorsqu'il est temps de trouver de nouvelles idées. Utilisez du papier kraft et du papier de boucherie, compatibles avec tous les rouleaux de papier.


Paper Roll: 450mm
Paper Holder Bracket: 475mm

Paper Roll: 600mm
Paper Holder Bracket: 625mm

Paper Roll: 900mm
Paper Holder Bracket: 925mm

Paper Roll: 1200mm
Paper Holder Bracket: 1225mm

Material: Aluminum, Kraft Paper

*The George & Willy Studio Roller kraft paper dispenser holds paper rolls that are 75m long and 145mm in diameter, though the bracket is designed to fit universal paper rolls (up to 220mm).
Suitable for indoor use only.


Can the Paper Holder bracket be mounted vertically on the wall?

Unfortunately not, no. Due to the way that the paper holder brackets are made, the round bar is held in place by gravity. This means it has to be mounted horizontally to work.

What size paper rolls fit the brackets?

Our Studio Roller kraft paper dispenser holds 70m, however, the paper dispensing brackets are designed to fit universal kraft paper rolls up to 22cm in diameter. Aim for paper rolls that have 50m -150m length of kraft paper on them.

Can I order extra butcher's paper rolls when I run out of paper?

Yes, you can order extra drawing paper for your butcher's paper dispenser here.

Can the wall-mounted Paper Roller be mounted outdoors?

The paper roll holder is designed as an interior menu display. Although the bracket is made from aluminium, so it isn't susceptible to rust, the paper should be used indoors only.

Do you make a smaller Studio Roller?

Yes, our smallest butcher's paper dispenser is the Daily Roller which is 8" in width and you can order it here.

What kind of pens can I use on the Studio Roller?

Chalk pens, ballpoint pens, and felt tip pens are fine to use on the Studio Roller. We wouldn't recommend using inks and permanent markers on the butcher's paper roll if it's mounted on the wall, as it may seep through and mark the surface behind.

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Jenny C.
Love this product

Love this product. great for changing menu and pricing. easy to install. Super easy to use and looks great.


My grandchildren love it.

Gina C.
Best Paper Board Ever

Love this board which I post my menu on every day on Instagram! Get so many compliments

Arkaidy W.
Great products

We love our Kraft paper roll where we write all of our daily specials. Has worked great for 3+ years.

Xhevahir H.

Studio Roller