Meet Cam Neate, photographer and creative director extraordinaire. 


When not surfing or hanging with his total babe girlfriend, he can be found taking photos of only the coolest things and working with some stellar New Zealand creatives. His Instagram plays out as a series of jealousy-inducing snapshots.


Cam recently shot our products and is a close friend of the George and Willy studio.


Tell us a bit about yourself and Neate Studios…
I’m from the beach but currently, reside in the big city. I like doing lots of things and
Neate Studios is the umbrella that encompasses these interests; filmmaking,
photography, writing and ideas. Neate Studios is a boutique production company of sorts. I have a small family of talented contractors who help me realise these ideas. 

When did you start Neate Studios and what has been your favourite job thus far?
Neate Studios was born about 3.5 years ago after seeing a gap in the market
for personable, nimble and high-quality production problem-solving. I’ve been lucky
to work on really fun and challenging projects with awesome people/friends.
Shooting in Asia, California and the Islands as well as telling local stories;
interviewing farmers, rugby players and small-town creatives alike. I made a short
film with a brand called TCSS last year and we premiered it in Sydney,
that’s probably a highlight. 

What is important to you in a working environment?
Trust is extremely important in a working environment and communication too. When out shooting I’d say hydration, sunscreen, food and collaboration are most key. In an office environment, I prefer to be alone in a quiet and tidy zone. No mess and minimal sound, that’s when I’m most productive.

What inspires you?
I tend to stumble across inspiration on the daily. From an early morning coffee at the beach to a drive through our beautiful country. I’m a sucker for soft golden light and the dramatic landscape of our west coast beaches. I get inspo from surfing and
music and often find myself dreaming up scenes for projects. I’m constantly inspired by my friends as well as local and international artists who’s work I watch, read and follow.

What have you learnt from becoming a freelancer and going it alone?
I have learnt that you need to work damn hard, that you need to hustle and stay on
top of so many things. That you need to understand business as much as you do
creative thinking and problem-solving. Along the way, I have learnt what my
strengths are and certainly my weaknesses too. I have learnt how rewarding it is to
make a living for yourself based on your own skills and to understand it’s okay to
take a moment to chill. Work smart when you work and tune out properly when the
time is right. Celebrate your successes and always be a kind person.

What's cool about George and Willy as a business and also their
To me, George & Willy is the classic success story you hear about on podcasts. Two mates making stuff out of their university flat to solve a problem; in their case a gap in the market for everyday tools for your house or business. Years on they are a
household name for quality and aesthetically-inspired product design. I have really
enjoyed collaborating with the team on creating their visuals and can’t wait to shoot
more with them.

What's next for Cam Neate?
Clean my office and ask G&W for a studio roller. Borrow George’s spray gun to paint my house. Complete my first half marathon. Work on more great projects
(commercials and music videos) and then figure out how to escape NZ winter for a
couple of weeks. That’s my work-in-progress.

Kia ora.


George & Willy