Feel as though you're treading water? Here are a few ways that we improved our studio for an extra dose of calm to help improve our day-to-day.


A Messy Room Is a Messy Mind

Declutter. Take a page from Marie Kondo's book and get rid of all the unnecessary objects which are known to accumulate, even if it's just the empty coffee cups on your desk or collection of faulty pens in your top drawer. Less is best and sitting down to a clean desk at the beginning of each day will help you stay inspired. 


Put the Phone Down

The ideal frame of mind for enjoying your work is when you are focused and fully immersed in the task at hand without external distractions. This is when you are able to get into your "flow state" where you lose track of time and work at your most productive output. Every time you check your phone it will distract you from the task at hand hindering your ability to access your flow state.  Disconnect from your phone when it isn't necessary and reconnect to the task at hand. 


Turn Your Space Into a Museum

Celebrate your favourite items that make your heart sing, put them on display to be admired and enjoyed. 


Add a Puppy

Puppy Therapy - it's a thing. Every office should have a canine friend, big or small! Having a dog in your workplace provides a more positive social setting, boosts morale and reduces stress. 


Add Greenery

In the name of science, add some greenery for your wellbeing. Productivity and health will be on the rise, it's a fact. This is caused by something called biophilia – it’s our innate desire to be connected with nature and how this connection promotes healthy bodies and minds. 


Appeal to Your Inner 8-Year-Old

Add swings, write on the walls, ride your bike inside - appeal to your kid at heart and have fun. 


Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Just like your average houseplant, we too need Vitamin D to keep the wheels on and stay alive, eat your lunch in the sun or go for a stroll around the block, it will clean out the cobwebs and help keep your mind on track. 

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