A genius hybrid mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian style, Japandi is an interior design term that combines the modern Scandanavian vibe with a minimalistic Japanese influence. 

Hailing from opposite sides of the globe, you may not consider Japan and Scandinavia to be a likely pairing, that is until you dig a little deeper and notice that the focus on simplicity, natural colors, fibers and a personal favorite, comfort, feature throughout both design practices - it’s no doubt that we’re seeing an influx of  ‘Japandi’ interior design and furniture pieces popping up on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds.

Erena Te Paa Japandi Natural Texture and Colour Scandinavian

Erena Te Paa created a beautiful space that embodies the elements of the Japandi style perfectly. Read more about her space here, or for now think form, function and simplicity. Natural light, clean lines, and minimal clutter are all key elements of this Scandinavian meets Japanese style. 

The perfect partnership, if you’re somewhat familiar with Scandi Design you may have come across the term ‘Hygge'. Although difficult to pronounce (try “hue-guh”), this can’t be explained by just one single word, it is the concept of coziness and comfort and joy. A cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, a warm snuggly blanket on a rainy day, your favorite slippers, the sound of the rain on the roof, these are all feelings of Hygge that you would have experienced and been none the wiser. 

Stine Dulong - minimalistic japandi ceramic london scandinavian interior design

Beautiful ceramic mug for your morning brew by SkandiHus
Try to cultivate the feeling of Hygge within your space by choosing only to add products you love and will use regularly, and those that spark joy, as opposed to those that add unnecessary clutter. A clear space supports a clear mind. Invest in quality, natural fiber French Linen bedding, a beautiful mattress, support a local ceramicist, then drink your morning cup of coffee from a handmade mug. Savor the moment.

You can create the Japandi style at home on your own, you don’t need to enlist the help of an interior designer unless of course, you would prefer to. Head outside, take a look at the natural colors, tones, and textures around you. You may notice muted grays, soft neutral hues, the greenery of the grass, this is the basis of your color palette. Now pair this with the clean lines of the skyline, sidewalk, or your building and you have the basis of the Japandi style; minimal clean lines and neutral, natural colours and textures.

hanging drying laundry rack scandinavian japandi style The space-saving Hanging Drying Laundry Rack
Keeping Scandinavian functionality in mind will help you pick the right pieces to add to your space. Invest in quality products and tools with multiple uses. The Hanging Drying Rack, a modern take on the traditional Sheila Maid, keeps clothing out of your space and is an economical and environmental way to dry your laundry, or why not look for a sofa that doubles as a guest bed... you get the gist. 

Scandinavian japandi paper roller wall mountedJapanese and Japandi style focuses on quality, precision craftsmanship. Consider well-made pieces that will last a lifetime. This Paper Roller is made from robust Aluminium and is built to stand the test of time, it will help you organize your time and keep your day to day life more simple and stress-free. If space is an issue, the Daily Roller is great for grocery shopping lists, notes, or to-dos and can fit just about anywhere, you can even mount it to the inside of your pantry door.

Japandi is an interior design style that is here to stay. I encourage you to embrace all that this Japanese Scandanavian hybrid can do for you space, as well as your general wellbeing. Jump on Pinterest, have a mooch around and remember to focus on quality, simple craftsmanship and products that will bring a sense of hygge, or joy to your life. 

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