Magnetic Standing Round Sign

€398 EUR

With Magnet Letters*

The Magnetic Standing Round Sign is a modern take on a freestanding sidewalk sign, designed thoughtfully and crafted with care. The Magnetic pedestal sign is a better, elegant way to display your logo and grab the attention of pedestrians.

Please note: We do not recommend leaving this sign outdoors in wet conditions.

*The magnetic letters available to order with this sign are the same style as the 25mm Magnet Letters


Standing Height: 1148.5mm
Sign Face Diameter: 400mm
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Weight: 8.5kgs

*The hollow base can be filled with water for extra stability.
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use under shelter.


Does the Standing Round Sign come with screws for mounting?

No, the magnetic standing round sign is a free-standing footpath sign or sidewalk sign that comes with its own base in a pedestal design.

Can the Magnetic Standing Round Sign be customized?

We do not offer custom orders on our Standing Signs, however, we have a wide range of products to choose from so you can find something to suit your space.

Does logo printing come with the Magnetic Standing Round Sign?

All our Sidewalk Signs arrive blank, but we offer advice on powder-coating and decal printing for creating custom signs tailored to your needs.

What material is the Standing Round Sign made from?

The Magnetic Standing Round Sign is made from 100% steel, which means it is magnetic. We do not recommend leaving this sign outside in wet conditions.

Can the Magnetic Standing Round Sign be used outdoors?

Yes, this sidewalk pedestal sign can be used outdoors however, is not designed for wet or windy conditions.

How do I get the Standing Round Sign branded?

Your local sign-writer will be able to make and apply a vinyl adhesive to the standing sign.

Can I use a marker pen to write on the Standing Round Sign?

We would not recommend using any kind of pen on the Standing Sign. To add a decal, get in touch with your local sign-writer who will be able to help.

What other shop sign options does George & Willy sell?

We have lots of metal business signage available, including the Round Sign, A-Frame Sign, Circle Sign to name a few. For a light-up or illuminated sign that's more visible at night, take a look at our Round Light Box Sign, and for more freestanding footpath sign options, our Welcome Sign, Rounded Sidewalk Sign, and Letter Sidewalk Signs are great options too!

What else might the Standing Sign be called?

Depending on where you are in the world, this sign could be called a footpath sign, sidewalk sign, lollipop sign, bathroom sign, pavement sign, shop sign, or open sign.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Leah W.
Eye Catching Sidewalk Sign- Yes Please!!!!

I recently purchased this sign and it has upped my sidewalk game for sure. It's so sturdy, yet easy to move. The gentleman who applied the decal to the sign for me said he had never seen such a high quality sign before! I also had someone comment that it was a very SEXY sign, so....... Just get it, it's great!

Michael S.
Great Quality Sign

This sign was very easy to assemble and has good weight. Quality product!

Daniel C.
Great Color

We love the shape in front of our building. The matte is so nice. And the bottom filled easily with water. Thanks for caring about small business.

Casey K.P.
Perfect elevated look for my pop up displays

I purchased this sign to use for markets, events, and pop ups for my children’s book brand and series. It is incredibly high quality, and catches everyone's eyes when they walk by. I ended up keeping the original (beautiful!) packaging that the sign came in too—which makes it easy to transport for events. I purchased vinyl sticker for both sides of the sign on which ended up working perfectly as well. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Michael M.
Standing Round Sign

Love it! High quality, unique, and much better than your standard sandwich board!