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The Scout Menu Board is a beautiful format for sharing words in a smaller space. Having words displayed on the wall is always good. It can be a to-do list in your home, a welcoming message for your studio, an inspirational quote for little Tommy, or an ever-changing cafe menu at your local. It can be anything really, and that’s why we love it.

We thought we'd better help you out with installing your new Menu Board and get the job done right! 

You or your handyman are looking at taking about 30-45mins once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process.

Wooden Letter Board

Menu Board

What you'll find in the box. 





Menu Board



The Scout Letter Board comes with all the basics for what you need to make the installation an easy process!  We’ve included the bits and pieces made for mounting onto a studded drywall.

Note - you may need just a few extra handy tools if you’re installing onto concrete, gib board/drywall or tiles. Check out what we’ve listed below that may help.


What could be handy. 

What Could be Handy

Here’s a small list of the things that will be beneficial to the installation process of your Display Lettering. You should find that most handymen/women will already have these extras in their tool kits.

Step by step installation guide.




Step 1 - Configuration



Whether it's a food menu you're displaying, a monthly plan, or an inspirational quote. The Wooden Menu Board will do its best to complement all of those things. Choose a configuration for your Wooden Letter Board. The rails can be installed below one another, or side-by-side, whichever is best suited to your space. 





Step 2 - Placement



Select a wall-space to install the Wooden Bakery Menu. It is best for the rails to be fixed into studs or a solid wall.

Insert the first screw in the left hole on what will be your bottom rail.






Level + Position




Using a level, position the rail so it is perfectly horizontal. Fasten both of the screws and ensure the rail is securely fixed to the wall.




Spacing + Fixing

Place the next rail on the first rail. Using this as a guide, position and fix the second railing onto the wall. Continue this method for the remaining rails of our Menu Board. Make sure the rails are nice and tight on the one below to ensure the rails are parallel. 






Step 5


Slide the Letter Tiles one-by-one onto the rails from either end.






Step 6

If extra letters are needed you can apply stickers which are provided with the letter packs - found under the lid of the letter box. Handy hint: use a kraft knife for lifting the stickers off of the sheet.


Check out our 5 Ways To Use a Wooden Scout Letter Board to see the Menu Board in action and get some inspiration for installation in your space.

Letter Tiles


Scrabble Letters

Wooden Letter board



What is used to install the bars? 

Each Scout Scrabble Letter Board comes with its own set of stainless screws and all hardware required for easy installation of your wall-mounted changeable menu board.  

Can the Menu board be drilled into a tile? 

Yes you can mount the Coffee menu board to tile or brick. You will need to source the correct screws from the hardware store though as ours aren’t designed for tile or brick.  

What tools are needed for installing the Scout Wall Board? 

The Scout Letter Board comes with all the necessary hardware for getting your cafe menu up and running, all you will need is an extra set of hands, a level and a drill.  

What are the changeable letters made out of? 

The Scout Menu Board letters are made of wooden display lettering and the rails are powder-coated aluminum available in black or white. 

How big is the Scout Letter Board? 

The Scout Scrabble Menu Board is 500mm / 19.6" wide. The height of the Mini Menu Board can be adjusted to suit the space that you are mounting it in. We recommended having the rails sitting on top of one another so it is tight and tidy with no gaps between the rails. 

Is there a bigger size of the Scout Letter Board? 

Yes, there sure is. The scout letterboard changeable letters are the small version of the larger Wooden Letter Board.

Can I buy extra changeable Letters if I run out?

Yes you sure can. If you have ordered and find that you’re short, we sell extra kits of the Changeable display letters. Please email us to arrange an order.

 We would love to see how you are using your Wooden Menu Board! Tag us @georgeandwilly or send them through to us at sales@georgeandwilly.com.

Menu Board


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