Our signs and displays are mainly available in black, white, or bronze, and are all delivered blank, but we know you may want a custom colour applied to match your branding and business’ specific palette. We thought we’d answer a few questions you might have if you were wondering how to get a sign coloured to your requirements.

If you would like to have your logo or branding applied, you will need to get in touch with your local sign writer or graphic designer to apply a vinyl decal sticker. We’ve covered more on this on our dedicated blog post How To Find a Local Signwriter and How To Apply Vinyl Decal to Your Sign.

The Round Sign in Blue via @das__studio and @prana_studios.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating applied to a metal sign or display with an electrostatic spray gun, using free-flowing, dry powder. It’s then cured, which involves placing the sign in an oven which has been heated to between 200 and 400 degrees. This process completes the finish and creates a smooth, long-lasting finish, providing a much better performance than wet paint.

How long will the powder coat last?

Powder coatings are a long-lasting and durable choice for coating signs, as they are resistant to chipping, scratching, and 100% weatherproof. We expect your sign to last a lifetime once it has been powder coated, but please note our lifetime warranty will not apply to signs which have been powder-coated or modified in any way.

The Studio Roller powder coated green.

Is it safe to get my sign or letter display powder coated?

An expert powder coater will be able to help you confirm whether your sign or letter board is ok to be powder coated, but as a rule of thumb, aluminium and stainless steel is fine to be powder coated. All of our metal signs and letter rails can be powder coated, including the Round Sign, the Standing Sign, the A-Frame Sign (with the leather straps removed), and the Magnetic Menu Board rails.

How do I get my sign, display, or letter rail powder coated?

The best way to have your sign powder coated is to search for ‘powder coating in my area’ on Google. If no search results show up for within your local area, you may need to ship your sign or display to a powder coater, but it’s important that you communicate with your powder coater and choose the appropriate colour for your sign. There can be more limited options for powder coating rather than paint, so you will need to ensure the swatch matches your brand colours.

When should I have my sign powder coated?

If you are hoping to change the colour of your George & Willy sign, you will need to have it powder coated before applying any kind of branding or vinyl stickers.

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