Standing Circle Counter Signs - Set of 12

€168 EUR


Designed to hold their own in a busy cabinet. These guys sit slightly taller than the Counter Signs, they are easy to read and keep your goods in order.


12 x Counter Signs
Sign Face: 60mm / 2.36" x 60mm / 2.36"
Small Magnet Letters: 7mm / 0.28" x 5mm / 0.20"
Large Magnet Letters: 9.72mm / 0.38" x 6.9mm / 0.27"
Material: Steel
Weight Per Sign: 2.2lbs / 0.8kg
Includes 1,680 x magentic letters, numbers, and symbols


How big is the faceplate on the metal Standing Circle Counter Sign?

The faceplate on the metal Standing Circle Counter Sign measures 7cm/2.7” x 4.5cm/1.77”.

How many letters and numbers come with the Standing Circle Counter Signs?

Each order of the cabinet price signs comes with two sheets of magnet letters and numbers, with 1,680 symbols in total.

How many Standing Circle Counter Signs will come in each pack?

Each pack comes with 12 Counter Signs and two sheets of magnetic letters.

What material is the metal price sign made from?

The price and product signs are made from magnetic steel.

How can I display messages on the metal Standing Circle Counter Signs?

The Standing Circle Counter Signs can be used with the magnet letters supplied, or you could apply a vinyl decal for a more permanent message. 

What other countertop options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Counter Signs, Card Counter Signs, the Pricing Signs, the Table Talkers, and the Table Number Flags for something different. Have a look at our complete Tabletop Collection for more.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin @.
Amazing Design

I've purchased these signs twice now and they are exactly what i was expecting and looking for. they fit perfectly in my display case and fit the overall vibe just right. i love that they are magnetic and can be edited at any time (unlike other signs that have to be written on). the letters fit perfectly and are very easy to handle.
my only issue is that they aren't cheap -- more of an investment that is totally worth it. quality is 10/10


We love having these little magnetic signs at Hey Yallah. We use them for our pastry display as well as our retail wall and we love how clean they look.

Mikael B.@.

It's a very close fit design-wise with how we how we design ourselves, we use a lot of white as an example. It's very clean. So yeah, it's my go-to


We love these magnetic countertop signs that we bought from George and Willy. So much so that after opening we immediately ordered a second set! the set comes with so many letters, numbers and characters that you’ll never run out. It’s perfect for all of our constantly changing flavors at our bakery!


I use the signs for my mobile coffee bar on special occasions and I am convinced of both the quality and the materials! The design convinced me immediately and I am flexible with the lettering at every event!