Simple, creative and inspired by Scrabble, we have sent the Wooden Letter Board all over the world. 

From coffee bars in New York City, to breweries in South America, we love seeing where they end up and how they fit in. We have compiled a collection of customer shots below from all over the globe. 

We love the minimalistic nature of @bluesparrowcoffee's interiors, with a limited colour palette and uniform lines, captured by @wearelionesse. The Wooden Letter Board's rigid lines combined with its playful wooden letters suit the space perfectly. 

The Wooden Letter Board

Suited to retail, hospitality and home spaces, the Wooden Letter Board can feature anything you like, from a menu, a favourite saying, or an inspiring quote. We love the idea of changing the words each day like in the image above, which is fun and super easy to do.

coffee shop menu

You can't go wrong using the Wooden Letter Board for a menu. It is one of the main reasons we designed the product and we have always appreciated coffee, food and drink menus that are displayed in a beautiful way, like @badeggsau's in the above photo. Installing the Wooden Letter Board near the window is also a great way to showcase your menu to people walking past.

the wooden letter scrabble board

Did you know, you can also install the Wooden Letter Board on tiles and brick? We think it looks amazing on different surfaces, like @saintceciliavictoria's in the picture above, and @lasgemelasdc's in the shot below.

Wooden Letter Board

wooden letter board

We usually see multiple Wooden Letter Board installed side-by-side or stacked on top of each other, but we love how @shopburb has used the wall letter display, installed in multiple locations across the wall.
 children's bedroom decor

Last but not least, check out how beautiful the letter display looks in @truehome_'s space! The minimalist nature of the rails and letters are a great addition to a child's bedroom, with the added bonus of helping kids learn to spell, count and read.

For another way to display messages you can also check out our Magnetic Menu Board, which is a magnetic lettering system. 

Phoebe Paterson