A little while ago, Will, George and Jarred purchased three Honda CT110 motorcycles to have around the workshop - just for fun.

Ideas for what should be done with the bikes were discussed in between lunchtime races in the neighbouring paddock.




The CT110 was well regarded for decades by New Zealand farmers for their extreme reliability, economy and ease of operation.

The clutchless, four-speed transmission (known as a centrifugal clutch) does not require a clutch lever. The freeing of the left hand for the rider made this little red machine an iconic part of New Zealand history - also serving as the perfect form of transport for the classic "Postie".



With such a simple and well-designed machine at our fingertips, we decided to give one of the bikes a new look, learning as much as we could about it along the way. 

The bike was stripped down and all unnecessary parts were removed. Many different processes took place to change the appearance as we set out to create a clean and simple looking motorcycle. 



Bolts and nuts were heated to glowing red and dunked into a container of old oil. This DIY black oxidising process turned many of the small, metal parts black.   




Larger steel was stripped back, blackened with a blackening solution, and waxed for protection against rust.



The chrome wheels were sandblasted and powder coated, along with the frame and all cosmetic parts. New handlebars, road tyres, filters and more were purchased and installed.



The small, finishing details were the most satisfying part of the build. We had a custom, bull leather seat made from our friends at Fenmore, and custom George & Willy leather mudguards from our friend Les completed the project.






George & Willy Motorcycle is available for purchase on our online store, check it out here https://www.georgeandwilly.com/products/ct110 













Phoebe Paterson