We designed the Countertop Sign for you to display your message on a cafe’s countertop space, but there are plenty more uses for the miniature sandwich board, including wedding signage, and to keep customers safe during Covid. Have a read of our top five ways to use a Countertop Sandwich board in your space.

George and Willy countertop sign miniature sandwich board

Display Covid guidelines

Easily and efficiently spell out your Covid policy to help customers understand how to interact in your space. Place the tabletop sandwich board at your store, cafe or restaurant’s entrance and display your safety guidelines on the Countertop Sign for a simple and functional display that will help your customers and guests stay safe. You could even have your QR code or Covid rules applied to the mini A-frame board by your local signwriter and place it by the front door for people to scan or read.

Specials and menus

Add the tabletop sandwich board to the counter of your cafe, restaurant or bar with a list of daily specials or a short menu outlining what’s on offer. For regularly-changing menus, you could use the magnetic letters and easily update it, or have a permanent menu applied using a vinyl sticker. 

table top menu a-frame sandwich board

Wedding Signage

Use the Countertop Sign as part of your wedding signage, pointing guests in the right direction or displaying food and drinks menus. You could use it as welcome sign, on each table to display the seating plan, as a wedding way-finder, or as a sign to direct friends and family to where they should leave gifts or sign the guest book. Needless to say, the Countertop Sign could serve many functions at your wedding, with a beautifully simple design to suit any venue or theme.

Wedding signage a-frame sandwich board

Price List

Minimise the need for tags and stickers with the Countertop Sign, an efficient and easy way to display pricing in a store, gallery or museum. Having been designed to suit any space, the Countertop Sign is the perfect size to get noticed on a tabletop, desk or counter, and the magnetic letters provided can be changed as much as you like. for more permanent options, have your mini sandwich board

Be right back

If you have a shelf or table near the door, or you read our Small Cafe Design blog post and took the advice of adding a hatch in your coffee shop, pop the countertop sign in the window to let customers know you’ll be back in five, or as your open/closed sign. It’s small enough to tell a subtle message, but big enough to be noticed. Spell out the information with the magnetic letters provided, or ask your local signwriter to add a vinyl sticker to it for a more permanent message.

cafe open and close sign, back in 5 sign

For more tabletop signage, our Counter Signs are perfect for displaying prices, and for other easily changeable menus, take a look at our wall-mounted Scout Letter Board or Magnetic Menu Board. Our A-Frame Sign is also a great option for signage on the sidewalk outside your space, it's just a bigger version of the Countertop Sign!


Phoebe Paterson