Five Ways to Use The Wooden Pegboard

The Wooden Pegboard is one of George & Willy's original products. Many a day has been spent in the workshop sanding pegboards with Kenny Rogers playing loudly so we can hear it over the sanders.

I have shared a few different ways below that you can use the Wooden Pegboard...

Wooden Pegboard in Your Kitchen:


This photo of the Wooden Pegboard is in the kitchen at work. We used wooden shelves and wooden pegs to store our condiments and pot plants. You can also see the Daily Roller on the left of the photo.

Wooden Pegboard in Your Retail Store:

Whether you are a homewares store, pharmacy, hardware store or a florist, the Wooden Pegboard is a unique way to display retail items in a minimal way. The wooden pegs and shelves offer unlimited flexibility for you to use the shelving system however suits you.

Wooden Pegboard in Your Entranceway:

Photo by Julia at Studio Home

The entranceway is one of the best places for a Wooden Pegboard. Having numerous wooden pegs to hang bags, coats, school bags, car keys and whatever else finds it way in the door in an orderly manner, the wooden pegboard is a great addition to any entranceway.

Wooden Pegboard in Your Office:

The Wooden Pegboard is a nice addition to any office, whether it is busy, or minimal such as in this photo by @lisanovelle.

Wooden Pegboard in Your Living Room:


These are just the first five ideas for using a pegboard that popped into my mind, but as you can see, the ability to adjust the Wooden Pegboard by using the wooden pegs and wooden shelves gives you unlimited options.

We have seen the Wooden Pegboard used in all sorts of funny situations, from holding fishing rods, to bikes, teacups and engine parts. I hope this gives you a few ideas as to how you can use a Wooden Pegboard!

Phoebe Paterson