The George & Willy collection of cafe menus and wall boards draw upon timeless materials and design elements that cause you to be nostalgic. The Atelier Letter Board draws inspiration from urban spaces of the previous century with the use of brass accents. This vintage-inspired letter board adds an element of understated luxury to your coffee menu.

brass menu board

We believe that when interior accents use gold or brass, they instantly add an element of retro glamour to your space without dating the over-all design style. Small brass details, such as when it is applied with your coffee shop menu, is the perfect way to off-set bold colours or to cut through the crisp white color-schemes often found in modern interiors. The Atelier Letter Board consists of a brass or black anodized aluminium letter which you can slot in and out of rails that can be either matching or alternate colour to the menu colour that you choose. We love the Atelier Letterboard as it makes life simple when you want to easily change your messaging to suit your interior signage needs without compromising on quality.

Whether it is an accessory to your overall interior design or the centrepiece that you encourage visitors to contemplate, the Atelier Menu Board is the perfect addition of luxury in your space. Here are 5 ways that we love to use the Atelier Letter Menu in your space to add a touch of luxury from the previous century.


We recently held an evening with friends where we screened the premiere of a movie we made on a motorbike trip in New Zealand's southern alps. We held games, exhibited our favourite images from the trip and had hand-made burgers by a local burger-slinging legend. We put all of our favourite display products into use. The Atelier Menu Board shared the trip itinerary with black changeable letters on brass rails. The brass menu perfectly complemented the wooden photo frames that we used and was a great contrast against the stark-white interior of our design studio space.

Letter Board
When you opt for a minimalist space, the small details that are almost as important as the whole. Do you have a small offering and want to treat your store like a gallery where each item of clothing is celebrated rather than crammed on to a rack? Perfect, list your items one by one with an Atelier Letterboard, list the items like works of art that you can purchase, it will draw attention to the menu in your space and will be a conversation topic amongst your visitors. 
Changeable Menu Board
The best letter board quotes are ones shared on changeable letter boards that can be switched out to be topical and relevant. In our interior design space, we change the inspirational quote on our Atelier Letter Board word display every week to suit the tone or focus that we will be investing our time in to. Sometimes we need a funny quote for our letter board, other times, we like to encourage contemplation and introspection - whatever the message, it looks beautiful when combined with brass and black on our walls.

quote letter board


Our favorite ways to use letter boards are in hospitality settings. We love food and cafe culture, and the community that it creates. For this reason, we love when changeable menus are used in coffee shops. They enable the offering to change up to stay relevant and be adjusted to suit the needs of the business or its patrons. It's the perfect win-win. There's nothing worse than signs that have been hastily printed on a piece of plain paper to share a message, it looks best when it is curated in a letter board format to be appreciated. For the Atelier Letter Board, the brass letters look great when it is balanced with bold colored interiors or painted walls and makes the letters stand out on your wall. 


Coffee Shop Menu


Need a smaller menu board for your cafe, business or shop interior design? Or after a finer way to share quotes in your home? We love the Wooden Park Display Board, it's made from birch ply which can be either mounted on your wall or moved around your house and hung like your favorite piece of artwork. Otherwise, the Scout Menu Board is our smallest letter board and has scrabble-inspired letters for displaying your menu or inspirational quotes. 

Coffee Shop Menu

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