Recently I’ve found myself driving a lot, usually solo. After exhausting my Spotify playlists I decided to give podcasts a go. I’ve been enjoying them so much. It’s a relaxing yet productive way to commute and I seem to learn something new each time. I thought I would share my current favourites with you. 


1. How I Built This

It's always inspiring to hear about how and why businesses start, especially when it is James Dyson speaking about the wheelbarrow that he made when he was young, or Yvonne Chouinard in the early days of Patagonia. This podcast is all about how successful businesses were started and are run today. I found the Starbucks episode particularity interesting. 


Yvonne in Yosemite in the early days of Patagonia


2. 99% Invisible

This podcast explores architecture and design around the world. I learnt that there is a vault on an Island between The North Pole and Norway that holds every seed in existence in case of a global crisis where something like blueberries became extinct. There is an episode that explains the birth of the three-point line in basketball, which was introduced after players began slam dunking. 

Seed Vault


3. Desert Island Discs

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only take eight songs with you, what would they be? BBC have been running Desert Island Discs since 1942. The host at the time talks to people of note about their favourite songs and how they have shaped their life. It’s a fascinating look into the stories and lives of David Beckham, Tom Hanks and hundreds of others. The Bill Gates one is also very good.



4. Monacle Radio - The Entreprenuers

I especially enjoyed the episode with New Zealander, Tim Brown. Who founded Allbirds. A really cool business making shoes from wool and trees. 


William McCallum