It can be tempting to use 101 digital ways of staying on top, but in actual fact, writing things down is the key to getting ahead. See our 5 reasons why you should put pen to paper. 

 1. Achieve your goals. Research shows that those who write down their goals regularly are nearly twice as likely to accomplish them than those who don't. Picking up your pen is a good way of noting down your ideas so you can stay on top of what you want.  

2. Remember what's important. Its no secret that by writing something down, it embeds it in your memory. In fact, you might remember 23% more information if you write something down than if you don't.  

3. Think clearer. Solve a problem by writing down thoughts, facts and feelings, freeing up your mind for what's important. If it's in your head, it's on your mind. 


4. Ideas don't stay in the mind for long. When you're onto a winning one, make a note of it, so it's always there to look back on. 

5. Increase your productivity by unloading the thought process. There are five important reasons to think on paper - intention, focus, organisation, planning and achievement. Productivity is increased when you write down your goals, and a simple way of how you might get there, allowing you to focus your mind, get organised and begin to design a plan for what you wish to achieve. 


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