Pegboard hylla av trä

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Shelving + Pegs

Häng, stapla eller förvara dina varor med vår hyllplanshylla i trä. Ett enkelt system med pinnar och hål gör att du kan ordna brädan så att den passar dig.

Vår Pegboard-hylla i trä är perfekt för att visa upp saker i butik, kafé, hem och kontor, med ett unikt peg-och-hyllsystem med träpinnar som gör att du kan anpassa brädet efter behov. Den perfekta passformen för alla utrymmen.


Pegboard: 800mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 18mm (D)
Dowel Pegs: 200mm (L) x 30mm diameter
Small Shelf: 336mm (L) x 180mm (W)
Large Shelf: 603mm (L) x 80mm (W)
Material: Birch Plywood

*Standard Peg Board includes 1 x Small Shelf, 1 x Large Shelf, 8 x Wooden Dowels.
Extra includes 2 x Small Shelves, 2 x Large Shelves, 16 x Wooden Dowels.
Suitable for indoor use only.


How much weight can the Wooden Pegboard shelf hold?

The Wooden Pegboard can hold up to 5kgs per shelf.

What size is the Wooden Pegboard shelf?

The Wooden Pegboard is a perfect square, measuring 800mm along each edge, and is made from 18mm architectural grade birch.

Can I mount the Wooden Pegboards next to each other?

Yes, we highly recommend this! The Wooden Pegboard shelf looks great when you have a few of the boards stacked next to each other along your wall. It also allows you to have a few more options for arranging the pegs and shelving too.

Do you ship the Wooden Pegboard shelf internationally?

Yes, we ship the Wooden Pegboard shelf along with the wooden shelves and pegs internationally. See the shipping tab for the cost of shipping per order for your location.

Can I order extra Pegboard shelves and dowels? 

Yes, you sure can. If you have ordered the Wooden Pegboard and find that you’re short, we sell extra kits of the shelves and dowels here.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen E.-.@.

the design and quality instantly sold me. Meter-square sizing, aircraft/exterior-grade untreated birch ply , the careful edge finishing, and the underside scalloping added to hold the pegs securely and attractively told me that these were made by someone who loves their craft.

Tonio N.

G+W helps us to share the messages that matter with the people who matter in beautiful and intentional ways.

Tonio N.

G+W helps us to share the messages that matter with the people who matter in beautiful and intentional ways.

James D.

great practical products that fit with our simplistic brand.

Samantha P.
It's beautifully made and durable!

I recently purchased a peg board and I couldn't be happier with it! The craftsmanship is superb—it's beautifully made and durable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and stylish organizational solution!