Klein houten letterbord

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Het kleine houten letterborddisplay is een menu dat is ontworpen om net als u te veranderen. Individuele rails en verwisselbare houten letters maken het gemakkelijk om het aanbod te updaten. Deze houten muurbelettering geeft een modern en elegant tintje aan uw restaurant of koffiezaak. Ontworpen voor kleinere ruimtes.


Rail Length: 500mm
Tiles: 32mm (L) x 46mm (W)
Material: Aluminum, Birch Plywood
Weight: 2.12kgs

*Includes 10 rails and 300 letter tiles.
Suitable for indoor use only.


Can you provide longer rails for the Small Wooden Letter Board?

No, sorry, we don’t make custom-sized Small Wooden Letter Board sets. However, if you add two menu board rails together horizontally you will double their length. 

Does the Small Wooden Letter Board come with numbered tiles so we can put prices on our menu as well?

Yes, it sure does. When you order a Small Wooden Letter Board, it comes with 10 tiles of each number from 0-9.

How do I install the Small Wooden Letter Board?

The Small Wooden Letter Board is very easy to install, with handy instructions included. 

Can I order extra display letters if I run out?

We do not sell extra letter kits for the small wooden menu display, but all of our wooden letter displays also come with extra vinyl stickers of characters that can be placed on the blank back of tiles if you run out. 

Does the Small Wooden Letter Board come in other colours?

At this stage, the display lettering is available in either natural wood, black, or painted white. The aluminium rails are either black or white. You are able to customise the colour combination of your menu board to match your interior fit-out.

Can the Wooden Letter Board be mounted outdoors?

The Small Wooden Letter Board is designed as an interior menu display. Although the rails are made from aluminium, so not susceptible to rust, the wooden display tiles will last a lifetime when used indoors only. 

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My coffee bar is located inside the former station house of our village's train station just 30 minutes from New York City. The building was designed by the same architect who was responsible for Grand Central Terminal. So when I thought about how the cafe would look, I wanted to pay homage to the past and connect our offerings with the railway. To my eye, the Wooden Letter Board by George & Willy was reminiscent of the original whirring departure boards at Grand Central from days of yore -- and they've been a part of our space ever since opening our doors!


we created an interior where both young and old feel welcome, with a look through to the kitchen where Peter is crafting with passion


We love love love our @georgeandwilly board


So excited about these new additions to the store!


We love love love our @georgeandwilly board