Menu della lavagna del mercato

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La nostalgia del gesso incontra la funzionalità con il menu Market Chalkboard. Le singole lavagne possono essere impilate una sopra l'altra o una accanto all'altra in modo da poter progettare un menu adatto al tuo spazio.


10 x Rectangular Tiles: 500mm (L) x 80mm (W)
10 x Square Tile: 80mm (L) x 80mm (W)
Material: Aluminum, Brass
Weight: 3.5kgs

*Includes 1x letter stencil & 10 x chalk pieces.
Suitable for indoor use only.


What is used to install the chalkboard menu display?

Each Market Chalkboard Menu comes with its own set of brass screws and all hardware required for easy installation of your wall-mounted Market Chalkboard Menu.

What pens can I use on the Market Chalkboard?

Traditional chalk is the best way to write on this board, and we would not recommend using liquid chalk pens.

How do you know what height to space all of the blackboards for the cafe menu board?

Each wall-mounted chalkboard menu set comes with a spacer to help with easy and simple installation so you can have your menu up and running in no time.

What tools are needed for installing the Chalk Menu?

The Chalkboard Menu comes with all the necessary hardware for getting your cafe menu up and running, all you will need is an extra set of hands, a level, and a drill. 

What are the chalkboard tiles made out of?

The Market Chalkboard Menu tiles are made of powder-coated aluminium, which means that they will last a lifetime.

How big is the Chalk Board?

The wall-mounted Chalk Board menu display is 116cm tall when mounted on the wall using our spaces – this is just a recommendation though – you can space your menu board whatever height you think will look best to suit your space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Michael G.@.

Minimalistic, while maintaining a tactile and warm feeling. It’s clear that your products are made to last and they are designed with functionality in mind, which is why they ended up becoming essentials here at Fusillo.

Fort P.P.

We've loved all things George and Willy since we opened up in 2016

Ryan L.
Awesome Style,

I love this chalk board signs, the stencils make them look great, got several compliments the first day I put the signs up.

Griffin B.
Vintage Charm Meets Modern Flexibility

This menu lives in the back part of our shop to display specific prices for our best selling product at FORT. We love the old school type-writer font and the texture of the white chalk on the green metal. Easy to initially install and even easier to switch out as our offerings evolve.

Alex H.
Picture-Perfect Flexibility

These boards look so high quality, from the matte finish to the gold hardware to mount them. The inclusion of the stencil kit allows us to make each board picture-perfect. Although it takes longer to mount, we appreciated the design flexibility that having individual boards and price squares allowed us in hanging the product across our walls. I would absolutely buy this kit again for my business!