Signe de boîte à lumière courbe

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Un signe pour le jour et la nuit. Fabriqué dans une forme incurvée classique, le panneau Lightbox incurvé est un bon endroit pour une belle image de marque. Faisant partie de notre gamme LED, le panneau lumineux Lightbox Blade est conçu pour être simplement branché sur votre prise murale. Il présente une conception robuste et résistante aux intempéries, dotée d'un variateur pour créer le réglage idéal pour votre entreprise. L'avenir n'a jamais été aussi prometteur.


Sign Face: 750mm (L) x 250mm (W)
Mounting Bracket: 480mm (L) x 100mm (W)
Acrylic Panel: 734mm (L) x 234mm (W)
Material: Aluminum, Acrylic
Weight: 8.65kgs
Temp/Light: 4000 - 4500K
Voltage: 12 Volts

*Includes 1x dimmer.
Suitable for outdoor use.

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Does the curve outdoor light box sign come with screws for mounting?

The curve light box sign comes with screws for mounting on drywall and wood, and concrete. Other types of screws will be available from your local supplies store.

Does logo printing come with the illuminated blade Sign?

We sell our storefront wall signs as blanks and don't provide a signwriting service. However, the outdoor Sign is really easy to get branded by your local signwriter.

What is the warranty period for the curve Lightbox Sign?

The Curve Light Box Sign comes with a lifetime warranty on all hardware and a 1-year warranty on electronics. For more information on our lifetime warranty, take a look at our FAQs page.

Can the curve lightbox blade Sign be used outdoors?

Absolutely! The illuminted sign is designed to be used in exterior spaces as it is considered 100% weatherproof.

What height do you recommend mounting the curve lightbox Sign?

We recommend mounting the outdoor lightbox Sign above 2.1m high. This gets the store sign out of the way for people, whilst still being at a good height for visibility. However, the mounting height for the curved Lightbox Sign really depends on each location.

What material is the curved storefront sign made from?

The lightbox sign is made from aluminium and acrylic plates. We made the curve Light Box Sign from aluminium as this material can not rust and lasts better outside than other storefront signage materials such as wood and steel.

What other names do people use to describe the Curve Light Box Sign?

The LED Sign can also be called a Round Outdoor illuminted Light Box Sign, Light Up Blade Sign, Outdoor Business Sign, Shop Sign, Storefront Sign, and Store Sign.

Does the Curve Light Box Sign work in high wind locations?

Yes, the Curve Light Box Sign is great in windy locations due to the solid base for fixing the sign onto the wall.

Do you make the Curve Light Box Sign in a different size?

If you’re looking for more wall-mounted signage, take a look at our Round Sign, Medium Round Sign, or a larger option, have a look at the Big Round Sign. For the full range, take a look at our complete Wall signage collection.

Customer Reviews

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Anton G.
Round Light Box Sign

George and Willy's Round Light Box Sign is the perfect solution to enhance your customer's business. Ordering the Round Light Box Sign from George and Willy was a breeze. The process was smooth, and the product arrived right on schedule, as promised. What's more, their support team was proactive, sending an email with clear instructions for installation. From start to finish, George and Willy made the entire experience hassle-free.


This blade sign was a perfect solution for our host stand. It was reasonably priced and easy to install.

Angela J.

Everytime I think of a new idea for a sign, I go to George and Willy and you already have it there available, so thank you!

Paul T.

George and Willy's Rectangular Lightbox has been everything we wanted and more for our business. It's a beautifully designed, high-quality product that enhances our commercial space. We wholeheartedly recommend it to any business owner looking to elevate their environment, backed by the outstanding customer service George and Willy provides.

Marc M.
Speedy and Satisfying

From order to install the product took less than a week could not be happier with the speed and look of that.