Gone are the days of sterile workspaces. It seems we have only just realised this is where we spend most of our weeks, so let's make it count.

That's exactly what the boys from Textile Lofts have done. 

We had a chat with co-owner Harry Healy and asked him a bit about work and business. 



Tell us a bit about yourself and Textile Lofts…

Textile Lofts is a boutique co-working office located in Parnell’s industrial precinct. James Or, Nick Healy, Tim Wylie and myself own and operate Textile Lofts and Attune Asset Management, a commercial property management company.

We opened Textile Lofts in August (2018) and now have a wide range of businesses operating within the space. Our membership is currently around 50 people with businesses ranging 1-8 employees. With a strong focus on generating a comfortable and creative atmosphere, we have been sure to maintain a singular level of service, design and resources throughout.



What sparked the idea to open the lofts?

The idea was bounced around between us while I was living in London so I visited a few around the city. At the time, it was a relatively fresh market in New Zealand. The whole concept of co-working is supremely appealing – like-minded people from different backgrounds working under one roof, socialising and collaborating. Back on these shores and looking for office space for ourselves, the two seemed to come together seamlessly.



What is important to you in a working environment?

A relaxing but productive atmosphere. Autonomy and flexible space to help promote creativity. A well-designed office is stimulating and can be used as an effective tool – positioning your company on a premium level reassures both staff and clients.

At Textile Lofts, we have a bunch of different businesses - creative agencies, architects, web designers, consultants, photographers etc – all sharing the space, melodic music in the background and an open bar for post-work refreshments. Those provisions are also preferred.


What inspires you?

Carrying out fulfilling work and having a positive effect on other people. Working with or surrounded by driven people is very important. Passionate people are contagious and they can come from all walks of life.

With Textile Lofts we wanted to construct a space that inspires our members. People feed off each other so enthusiasm and inspiration spills over from one to the next, in addition to the actual knowledge and insight that’s transferred in conversation. There are new opportunities presenting themselves every day.



What have you learned opening up your shared space?

The value businesses hold for their workspace. Nothing contributes to that more than being surrounded by the right mix of people. Creating a culture that encourages open discussion and collaboration between different businesses is invaluable. The transition from work to leisure becomes a breeze – everyone sticks around outside of work hours and chews the fat.



What made you choose George and Willy products for your space and what is their function?

We love the design – from appearance to function. We have Studio Rollers in each of our meeting rooms, used as display sheets for presentations or tear-away pages for brainstorming and workshops. They have a polished look, keeping it simple and refined while nailing their job. George and Willy create practical products that look great in any setting.



What's next for Textile Lofts?

Nine months in and we are nearly at full occupancy so our focus has shifted from selling the space to heightening the experience for our members with new internal features and a variety of events. We are also in the early stages of expansion planning and hope to have new space before the end of the year. If you need an office when you are in Auckland, be sure to drop in to the Lofts!

Andrew BetterShipping