Recently we went jet boating with my 80 year old grandfather who had just purchased himself a new jet-boat for his 80th birthday. (His old one had been stolen a few years ago). We headed up a tight little river weaving in between fallen logs and hanging willow branches getting deeper and deeper into the gorge when suddenly, 'BANG'. We headed straight up a bank on the side of the river and the boat wouldn't start again.


We were deep in the gorge and couldn't float the boat down the river due to rapids, so we walked out across the farmland until we stumbled across a farm house. We explained what had happened and told the farmer we would be back in a few days to get the boat. The below photos show the hilarious recovery effort that my Grandfather got himself into a few days later, using wire ropes, pulleys and a tractor to get the boat out of the gorge.

George & Willy