Signs are the real-world maps we use to navigate and are often the first thing you see of a shopfront, stall, coffee cart, or business space, as they aim to direct us towards their products or services.

There's an age-old saying that "all roads lead to Rome", this would be impossible hadn't it been for the 'milestones' used as track signage by the ancient Romans to direct travelers towards Rome.

Having 'milestones' spread across your region and pointing towards your space may be a bit extravagant, but having considered, suited and practical signage for your space will give your customers the ushering they need to be directed into your shop or business. 

Signs and Signage

The first milestone - Rome, Italy


At George & Willy, we specialize in bringing you access to our favorite signage design ideas with the goal to make your space look great.

We have sort of indirectly found ourselves loving the concept of making signs that people want for themselves - through designing things that we needed in our workspace, through to one-off pieces for local shops, we now service people and businesses around the world so that they too can indulge in a bit of luxury signage design for their space.

In this post, we have created a sort of sign shrine where you can scroll through some of our favorite signs and signage options that we have seen or found from around the world.


Here Are Some Wall-mounted Street Signs That Caught Our Eye


Big Rectangle Blade Sign. Dumbo Doughnuts, Tokyo


Sign Design

Gallery Sign, a past George & Willy product


Flag Sign

Public Restaurant Flag Sign, NYC 



Blade Sign, Core Collective


Flag Sign

Flag Sign, a past George & Willy product


wall store sign

 The very new George & Willy Store Sign


When I was in America last year I was fascinated by how timeless some classic sidewalk signs have become. Although it is unlikely that many of these designs will make it into the drawing books around the workshop here at George & Willy, there were sign design elements that we have taken inspiration from to put into up and coming products - keep an eye out, or join in on our mailer here.



Ely, Nevada, USA 


Sign Design

Bent Stainless Floating Letters 


When we set about creating a new signage product, it does not always come from the pure objective of 'let's see if we can design a sign', but often stems from something one of us may have seen, taken a picture of, or quickly scribbled down. Will sent us all a picture the other day of an album cover image of a song that he was listening to, which was an orange circle with a red line painted down the side of it, we are now designing a sign purely based on that to join our Round Sign range.


Sign Design

George & Willy Round Sign, Okusawa Factory, Japan


We are firm believers in minimalism, quality, and function in all signs and products. These design elements resemble strong reliability and a trust that as a brand is valued by customers.


Here Are Some Sidewalk Street Signs That Caught Our Eye


 Raw brushed aluminum sign, Jo-zu, Japan


street board signage

Black powder-coated aluminum sign, Jo-zu, Japan


sign board

Gallery street sign, Urban Commons, Australia


A-frame sign We know it's ours, but we love the minimalism and functionality of the A-Frame Sign 


If you have any ideas that you have for any sort of signs, then please feel free to let us know on any one of our channels - email, insta, or our website, we love new ideas and love hearing from people from around the world. Let us know! 

The G&W team. 



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