The George & Willy collection of Cafe menus and Wall-boards draw upon timeless materials and design elements that cause you to be nostalgic.  An example of this would be the use of chalkbutchers paper and in the case of the Magnetic Menu Board, magnetic letters. 

Changeable letters were often used as a way to learn to read, write and practice spelling; they are clear, simple and easy to move around. It is for this reason that we have applied them to our cafe menu board collection to create an easy to understand wallboard that won't compromise the design of your space. 

The Magnetic Menu Board uses a magnetic rail system that allows the magnet letters to seamlessly sit on the wall, creating a playful, three-dimensional wallboard. The Magnetic Menu is the perfect alternative menu when looking at felt letterboards but still offers the exact same functionality and simple design and the infectious enthusiasm of this letterboard has caught the eye of plenty of others from all corners of the globe. 

We always love seeing where our products have ended up, so we've put together this little gallery of Magnetic Menu Board around the world.

Magnetic letterboard

Allora is the home of housemade gelato and specialty coffee, located in Queensland, Australia. They said they loved the simplicity and sophistication of the Magnetic Menu when designing the space. 

Magnet Wall Board

The Magnetic Menu Board found in the Gap Inc. corporate cafe, the Gapeteria. The Gapeteria is designed to help employees of Gap to become foodies with the use of locally sourced fresh produce and a line up of seasoned chefs to serve delicious meals.

Baker Menu

Yolk Cafe in Brisbane was designed by Derlot Group and serves up "the humble bacon and egg roll done well." The Yolk fit-out combines both clean lines, industrial colors and luxurious design elements throughout. The Magnetic Menu Board sits pride of place above the coffee machine offering their simple and succinct daily menu of coffee and rolls. 

Cafe Menu Board

The Dropbox Cafeteria is home to a George and Willy Magnetic Menu Board which is very thoughtfully aligned with the magnetic letters on the right-hand side of the wallboard. 

Magnetic letter board, Baker Menu

(Photo credit: Nicole Sands)

The Museum of Icecream is an interactive art exhibition where human connection is the core mission. The playful exhibitions of the museum are the perfect home for the Magnetic Menu Board board, above the museum has used customized magnet letters to match the perfect shade of their interior. 

Magnetic letter board, Baker Menu

The Frosty Fox is located in Florida, specializing in bubble teas and designed by GDP Design-Build. The Magnet wallboard was chosen as the menu of this space as it was functional, accessible and maintained a level of simple refinement, offering a timeless appearance that worked seamlessly with the frosty Fox space. 

Magnetic letter board, Baker Menu

If you're wanting to add a Magnet Wallboard or Magnetic cafe menu to your space, Magnetic Menu Board is a simple and versatile addition to elevate your interior design without compromising the functionality of your cafe or business. 

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