Letter Board quotes are reminiscent of simpler times with simple menus. A time when we didn’t have all-day, constant access to information, news, weather, events, and messages. Back before the internet became the currency of our lives, messages traveled in a far slower form. It was word of mouth, snail mail, or on communal letter boards on the walls of your establishment. Letterboard quotes started out as a cost-effective and budget messaging tool before the days of 24/7 online communication. They are simple, tidy, and easy to read. Not to mention, you don’t need an in-house calligrapher or graphic designer to make them look good. They were a pragmatic and practical medium for sharing words, whatever your business or community needs may be. 

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George and Willy Wooden Letter Board

Letter Board quotes remind us of 50’s diners with juke-boxes in the corner, team photos for a yearbook, or local business on the side of the road announcing their drive-through hours.  However, in the internet age, they have become a primary template for decorative, short letter board quotes in the home or business. We believe this is due to the same reasons they were so prevalent in the last century - they are practical, easy to use, and look great in most settings. 

Their greatest advantage, unlike artwork in your home, is that they are cheap and easy to change. Needing a pick-me-up? Something motivational? Or do you simply want to greet your loved ones? If your letters are handy, you can change up your letter board quote in a heartbeat. 

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George & Willy Atelier Letter Board

Here are our favorite letter board ideas for your home or business

Motivational Letterboard Quotes 

In our office, we like to use short letter board quotes to stay motivated. Being motivated is how things change from an idea into action - it's how we get things done. However, motivation isn't simply something we can turn on at the flick of a switch. It's slightly more complex than that, sometimes it's our frame of mind or a slight change in our outlook that can cause your motivation levels to plummet. A decent chunk of staying motivated and keeping a can-do attitude is with steady reinforcement, small wins, and the feeling that comes from succeeding. 

To give yourself small little boosts of motivation throughout your day, we recommend surrounding yourselves with short letter board quotes or letter board ideas that help keep you inspired and on your toes, small reminders to keep chipping away at the task at hand.

Here's a handful of letterboard ideas, quotes, and messages that we regularly share in our space that we often contemplate when our concentration gets a little bit weak. When you share words in your space, it will always get noticed and be a great conversation topic for your visitors as well. 

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George and Willy Wooden Letterboard 

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George & Willy Atelier Letter Board

Milestone Messages for Letter Boards

We believe that a huge factor in the rise in popularity of letter board quotes has been caused by our ability to share all of the best parts of our lives with our friends and family. How do you summarise the milestones of your lives in a consistent way? You write letter board quotes that can summarise your announcement, good news, or milestone in a few lines of the perfectly uniformed font. It’s a great way of drawing upon the practicality of a letter board quote and also draws on the nostalgia that we automatically associate with letter board quotes. It also enhances the credibility of what you're announcing, whether it’s your wedding, new job, homeownership, or any other bulletin that you need to share with those you love. 

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George and Willy Wooden Letterboard 

Culture Letter Board Quotes

We talked about having the right tone of voice in our blog post about menu design. It’s about knowing who your customers or followers are and personifying your brand for your visitors and fans to align themselves with - it’s vital in creating a cult-following. A great way of nailing the perfect tone with your customers is by sharing letter board ideas, short letterboard quotes, or funny letter board quotes of cultural references that they can relate to. For example, our brand saying is “have fun,” it’s the ideology that George & Willy was built upon, we are always coming up with extracurricular activities - take a look at our Moto-trip if you need some context. For this reason, we have a Dr. Suess short letter board quote at the entrance of our workshop tying together our child-like enthusiasm for work and brand ethos. It gets instantly noticed by all of our visitors and is a simple reminder not to take life too seriously. 

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George and Willy Wooden Letterboard quote in their office entrance. 

Your favorite things

What is your favorite part of your daily routine? Find that thing, and create a short letterboard quote around it, it will encourage you to contemplate and celebrate the small parts of your day that you love the most. For example, we love making sourdough. It’s a ritual that is a consistent part of our weekly routine and we have the recipe up on our kitchen wall on our scout letter board - not to mention, it’s tattooed into our brains. When visitors come they are greeted by the great smell of bread baking and can steal the recipe for themselves with a snap for later.
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George & Willy Scout Letter board with a Sour Dough recipe.
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