The A-Frame Sandwich Board is a better way to display your business on the street with a focus on longevity and quality. This sign is a simple and functional take on the traditional sandwich board. 


We thought we’d better help you out with a step by step guide to install the Sandwich Board and get the job done right.

You or your handyman is looking at taking about 30-45mins once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process.



What you'll find in the box

Step by step installation guide.




To assemble your A-Frame, take the two legs (1 + 2) and unthread the sex bolts (3 + 4).



Place both of the legs (1 + 2) together with the stepped faces on the inside, and the flat faces on the outside.

Insert the sex bolts (3 + 4) making sure that the bolt with the countersunk end (4) is facing the outside of the frame. Tighten using the allen key (5)



Next, thread the main bolt (1) through the legs (2) spacer (3) first plastic bushing (4) strap (5) second plastic bushing (6) and horizontal brace (7).

Do this on both sides, making sure that the bolt (1) is nice and tight.




Apply your decals or vinyls to the display board. For a custom look you can even have the display board powder-coated.



Attach the display board (4) using the bolt (1) and nut (2) with a washer (3) in between on either side of the strap. Do this on both sides of the display board.

The A-Frame Sign is now ready to be used! To store or move the sign with ease, simply push the legs together.

Check out our 5 ways to use a Sidewalk Sign blog post to give you some inspiration for installing in your space!



Do you also brand the A-Frame Sandwich Boards or do you only sell them as blanks?

We only supply the A-Frame sandwich boards as blanks. However, the A-Frame Sign is really easy to get branded by a sign writer.

Where do I get the A-Frame Sandwich Board branded?

You can get the A-Frame Sandwich Board branded at your local sign writer. If you send them your logo and tell them it is going on a 460mm x 460mm faceplate they will be able to get it applied for you.

How big is the faceplate on the metal A-Frame Sign?

The faceplate on the metal A-Frame Sign measures 18.1"/460mm (H) x 18.1"/460mm (W).

Is the A-Frame Sign suitable for high wind areas?

The sidewalk A-frame Sign is suitable for low to mid wind areas and if you are concerned, we recommend purchasing the sandbags to go with your A-Frame Sign, available here.

What other names do people use to describe the A-Frame Sign?

Depending on what country you are in, people use all sorts of different names such as the metal sandwich board, metal A-frame sign, sandwich board, sidewalk sign, footpath sign, or pavement sign.

Do you do bulk discounts if we order more than ten A-Frame Signs?

Yes, we do. If you are ordering more than ten A-Frame Signs, get in touch with us.

What other A-Frame Sign or Sandwich Board options does George & Willy sell?

We also sell the Standing Sign and Chalk Sandwich Board and have some new exciting ones in the mix coming soon - sign yourself up to our mailer to keep in the loop with these at the bottom of this page here.

Can this Metal A-Frame sign be used outside?

Yes, the A-Frame Sign is designed to be used outdoors as a sandwich board.


We would love to see how you are using your sidewalk sign! Tag us in your photos @georgeandwilly or send them through to us at

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