We all spend a fair few hours in the office, yet it is not uncommon for us to focus solely on the work itself and completely disregard the environment that we physically work in. Here are just a few ideas we adopted which make us feel good on the daily and overall, contribute to a productive & pretty damn positive workplace.


1. Have a drink


Of water. When you do, you simply have more energy, especially in the afternoons. We used to have a little competition in the office where we would have 6 x 500ml bottles from Arthur Holmes on the desk with times written on them. Roughly one every hour and a half. You would have to keep up with everyone else, it became a game. The toilet also became pretty busy! This might be a bit extreme but even if you get a beautiful carafe

 2. Learn to type


You can obviously type, but its something we are all going to be doing a lot of so we may as well be exceptional at it. It sounds strange but have you ever thought about how many times you use the backspace key per day? Neither, but even typing this, it is absolutely outrageous. Imagine the time you’d save if you nailed every key first pop. In the name of productivity, it’s wise to Typing Club a whirl. You could save yourself a fair few minutes and a bit of extra time never hurt anybody.


 3. Get some air


When we exercise on a regular basis, we increase blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and therefore stay on top of the tasks that come your way. Mornings are hard, yes, but why not try the 10-minute walk to your local coffee shop first thing? That could be 20 minutes of exercise you probably wouldn’t have done, and 20 minutes more than your mate that drove. No doubt, fresh air does us a load of good.


4. Write it down


Technology has taken us places but one thing a computer will never be able to replicate is the satisfaction that is felt when you physically cross an item off your to-do list.  We have always been big fans of the Moleskine collection in our office, clean lines, smooth paper and beautiful leather to hold it altogether. Pair it with a super sharp pencil and you are well on your way to list crossing satisfaction everyday.


5. Spice up your Smoko


Hit up the boss for a couple of extra dollars towards the collection of beverages available for morning tea and if you’re the boss, then you know what to do. We are very much enjoying the brews from the team at Underground Coffee, even better they deliver it fresh to the door weekly if you subscribe online here. It is something a little extra to look forward to than the trusty old instant (although also serves it purpose when you’re pressed for time). Pour your brew into this good-looking mug from Hasami and you’ll be buzzing for the rest of the day. You are welcome.


6. Get a decent chair

Your chair is crucial, take some time to set it up properly, or try new ways of sitting, on a medicine ball, a kneeling chair, or even standing. Even set a reminder on your phone every couple hours to check your posture. Sometimes you find your chin is almost touching the computer! 

 7. Move Desks

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to move your room around and you felt like you had been born again? You might be in a certain desk for no reason at all. Change desks with your workmate, it will take about half an hour and you will have a fresh view, neighbours.

Not everyone will be able to do this but we just did this and it gives you a whole new lease on life. It's nice to have a clean slate. Tabula Rasa.


8.  Headphones


Go all out on your headphones, if you do they will be your new best friend. Noise Cancelling, super comfortable and Bluetooth is key. The last thing you want is a wire across your keyboard. Listen to music, the sound of rain, white noise or anything to keep you focused. I love listening to this youtube video of a big ship crunching through arctic ice. Its very soothing and helps me focus. We all have the Bose QuietComfort 35. They are expensive but not if you look at how much you will use them. Also great for travel.

Have fun,

George & Willy




William McCallum