In the world of cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries, menu boards are more than just lists of offerings; they're an important part of your business identity and style. Having good food isn’t enough to be successful and your overall ambience and design will play a key role in your cafe’s popularity - picking the right menu board is as much about function as it is about the over-all experience of your space.

Hanging Menu Board

Here are our top 5 Menu Board designs that will elevate any modern bakery interior:

The Hanging Menu Board is a refined and novel hanging signage option for your business.

A magnetic and reversible faceplate means you can easily swap between two menus or messages and extension rods allow you to choose from 3 hanging lengths to seamlessly install the display from your wall or ceiling. The Hanging Menu Board is a great option to display a stylish and fresh menu every day. With the compatibility of magnetic letters, the hanging menu board is a way to consistently share your menu in an aesthetic and easy-to-read way without requiring the help of a graphic designer or sign-writer.

Atelier Letter Board

Brass Menu Board for Sleek Sophistication

For cafes with a modern aesthetic, a luxury-inspired menu board offers a contemporary solution. With its brass cut out letters placed on contrasting rails, the Atelier Letter Board seamlessly integrates into minimalist interiors. This type of menu board allows for effortless maintenance and quick changes. Pairing the menu board with matching brass accents within your interior such as cutlery caddys or table numbers, make the brass Atelier Menu Board a focal point for customers seeking an inspiring caffeine stop.


Magnetic Menu Board

Magnetic Message Board for Flexibility

Innovative and versatile, a magnetic message board adds a touch of interactivity to your cafe's menu display. Imagine a metal surface adorned with magnetic letters, numbers, and symbols, allowing you to create dynamic menu layouts with ease. This flexible solution enables swift updates and promotions, ensuring your offerings are always up-to-date.

Lightbox Menus for an ambient glow

A Menu Board for day & night. Conveniently combine your menu with lighting, a light-box menu board captivates your visitors attention. Crafted in a classic rectangle shape, the Letter Light Box Menu is safe and attractive menu board design that will slot in to most cafe interiors. The Light Box Menu is designed to simply plug into your wall socket & the individual letters can be easily adjusted as your menu changes. This modern solution not only elevates your cafe's aesthetic but also enhances the customer experience by being clear to read and easy to locate.

The Market Chalk Board

Looking for a touch of nostalgia in your interior? The market chalk board is inspired by years gone by adding a memorable touch of personality to your clean walls. The nostalgia of chalk meets functionality with the Market Chalkboard menu. The individual chalk boards can be stacked on top of each other or side-by-side so you can design a menu to suit your space.

In conclusion, modern menu boards offer endless opportunities for creativity and expression in cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries. Whether you opt for a rustic chalk menu board, a sleek vinyl display, or light box menu board, the key is to design a menu board that not only showcases your offerings but also enhances the overall ambiance and customer experience. By incorporating innovative designs and materials, you can elevate your cafe's aesthetic appeal while captivating customers with enticing visuals and engaging content.

George Wilkins