Traditionally chalkboards remind us of classrooms. However, small businesses are realising the value of having chalkboards for menus, sidewalk signs, and in-store advertising. 

The best part about using chalkboards in your space is that they make it a breeze to change up your message, menu or offer. It's a cheaper alternative sign option and an incredibly efficient way of sharing words in a hurry. The flexibility can't be beaten by decals or printed menu boards. Not to mention, chalk makes us nostalgic, and nostalgia makes us feel good - it reminds us of the gold old days.

George and Willy indoor signage and display goods like to draw inspiration on the gold old days a reapply these novel materials into a beautiful sign format. Here are our 4 favorite ways that businesses can use the Market Chalk Menu Board.


Chalkboard Menu


As a directory
How do you help people navigate your space? We love the use of the Chalkboard Menu Board being used in churches, shared spaces and yoga studios to help visitors find their way around your space - especially when you have lots of foot traffic. If your visitors know where they are going, they will have a more enjoyable time. Show them the right way on your chalkboard menu - and if you ever need to change it, it's as easy as wiping it off, and writing it up again with the use of a stencil.


Chalk Menu Board

For rotating specials
When you have a flexible cafe, bar, brewery or restaurant where your offering is seasonal or made in limited runs or batches - the last thing you need is an expensive and permanent menu board. If your bakery is constantly making new things, you need a menu that can help you advertise what you have on offer so it doesn't go to waste. Our all mounted chalk menu board is perfect as it is designed to be constantly changed. It's a fun and unique way to use a sign in your space yet it's clear and concise so it won't clutter your design style. Once you have run out of your flavor or brew, you can simply wipe it off your chalkboard, or detach the tile from the wall and place it up again when you have replenished it.

Short and simple menus
Chalkboards aren't limited to eateries, cafes, bars, and shops. But they are a wonderful addition to these spaces. Chalkboard menus are an easy and obvious menu board or signage solution for all hospitality spaces - they change with you and can be adjusted on a whim. which saves you time in the long run and doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful interior style.

Chalk Menu Board

Goal Setting for Businesses
Your cafe, studio, or workspace will always need goals to move forward, to stay motivated and to grow. What you need is to make short-term milestones for your goals, a map of sorts on how you will get to your goal. We use our chalkboard for business planning by allocating jobs to our team so we can keep moving forward - the best part is crossing it off when you achieve it and starting on the next milestones to get you to where you're going. 

Chalk Menu Board

Love the idea of changeable menu boards, but need something different to chalk?

Our Wooden Menu Board is the perfect signage when you have slightly less-than-perfect penmanship. It's made of changeable letter tiles that sit in letter shelves which you can slot in and out and change your menu or sign with the same easy as a chalkboard, but with less dust. 


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