Smith Roller by George and Willy from George and Willy.



When we first made the Studio Roller, we were in the workshop and wanted somewhere to write our shopping list or draw up plans, we made the bracket from a bent piece of steel and welded it up with one main focus, to hold the paper on the wall, the most functional way possible. We just wanted it to be strong and simple.



At the time it was just for ourselves to use but soon went on to become our most popular product and we have now sent these all around the world to over 70 countries.


We started playing around in the workshop to make a new paper roller.




While the Studio Roller has a simple, industrial feel suited to lofts and simple spaces. We wanted to focus on using honest, high-quality materials, keeping the design simple and allowing the material to speak for itself.

We used Italian Vegetable tanned leather, which means it has been dyed using no chemicals and wears in nicely over time. Handcrafted by master craftsman Les Matheson of Hawkes Bay.



The wood is American Ash, lathed by British, traditionally trained Nigel Cotterill.

We also used slotted brass hardware as a nice little detail, as if it was something built in the 1800's by a craftsman.

The Smith Roller employs no modern manufacturing techniques and the outcome shows this.



We would love to hear what you think, we are super excited about this one!


Check out a little video exploring the Making of the Smith Roller here.


William McCallum