Ideal for displaying tools, objects, clothing or necessities, the Wooden Pegboard is designed to go the distance and stand the test of time. We thought we’d better help you out with installing your new Pegboard with Shelves and get the job done right.

You or your handyman is looking at taking about 30-45mins once you’ve got the tools ready, so get a good playlist going, pour yourselves both a cuppa and enjoy the quick and easy process.

Pegboard with Wooden Pegs

What you'll find in the box.


Pegboard with Shelves


The Wooden Pegboard comes with all the basics for what you need to make the installation an easy process. We’ve included the bits and pieces made for mounting onto a studded drywall.


Wooden Pegboard

Step by step installation guide.




Step 1


Choose a suitable wall with studs behind it to ensure that your Wooden Pegboard will be fixed securely. It is a good idea to get in touch with your local builder or handy man as they should know how to do this.




Wooden Pegboard


Once you have selected and measured a wall space to mount your Pegboard with Wooden Pegs onto, fix the board onto the wall using the screws provided.




Pegboard with Shelves

Use a drill to screw the Pegboard with shelves onto the wall ensuring that all the screws are tight and secure




Wooden Pegboard

Insert the dowel into the holes of your Wooden Pegboard in whichever layout works for you.




Pegboard with Wooden Pegs


Place the shelves on the dowels so they fit into the grooves where they will be nice and stable.

The Pegboard with Shelves is now ready to use!  


Pegboard with Wooden Pegs

 Pegboard with Shelves


How much weight can the Wooden Pegboard hold?

The Pegboard with Shelves can hold up to five kilograms per shelf. 

What size is the Wooden Pegboard?

The Pegboard with Shelves is a perfect square measuring 39.3" / 1000mm along each edge and is made from 18mm architectural grade birch. 

Can I mount the Wooden Pegboards next to each other?

Yes, we highly recommend this. The Wooden Pegboard looks great when you have a few of the boards stacked next to each other along your wall. It also allows you to have a few more options with arranging the pegs and shelving too. 

What is the Wooden Pegboard made out of?

The wooden Pegboard is made from architectural grade 18mm birch plywood and the round wooden pegs are made from pine. 

Do you ship the Wooden Pegboard internationally?

Yes, we ship the Pegboard with Wooden Pegs along with the wooden shelves internationally, every day from Boise, Idaho. See the shipping tab for the cost of shipping per order for your location. 

Do you offer bulk discounts if we order more than ten Wooden Pegboards?

Yes, if you are after more than ten Wooden Pegboards, get in touch with us!

What are the other display options that are like the Wooden Pegboard?

The Other display options that we have are for displaying messages and work well with the wooden pegboard. I would recommend the wooden letterboard to use alongside the Wooden Pegboard. 

Wooden Pegboard

We would love to see how you are using your Wooden Pegboard! Tag us in your photos @georgeandwilly or send them through to us at

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