A bit of a throw back, but I love the photos from our Mt Earnslaw trip so thought I would share them. It must of been about two years ago now when Will, Tom Gaddum, our guide Al and myself went on a week long Mountaineering trip up Mt Earnslaw which is an hour or so out of Queenstown. We had a great week, learnt a lot and got to be in amongst the Southern Alps, a trip I now look fondly back on.

On the first day we headed for a couple of hours up the Reese Valley before heading up to a rock bivvy for the first night. The next 4 nights were spent in relative comfort in one of New Zealand's alpine huts. It is illegal to helicopter to this hut and area so it is quite rewarding to know that anyone else who had been to the hut had hiked up there as well.Our Guide Al was just what you would expect a guide to be like. A hard case, but a very knowledgable fellow with a lot of stories to share. Somehow he would outlast us all every day. I never know how those sort of people can just keep going, but I guess it comes from 35 or so years spent in the mountains on a daily basis.

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