We wanted to get you inspired by suggesting a few ideas to make your store more memorable. You might find something in here you like, or it might spark other ideas.

Everyone's brand is different so make sure you do something that reflects yours.

Please take these ideas with a grain of salt, some are wild and have been included to get you thinking.

We'd love to know what you think.

1. Add an inspiring sticker to your bathroom

Get a cool sticker made for your bathroom mirrors or bathroom floors. Try something simple and uplifting like ‘you look great’ in the mirror or on the floor. In the George and Willy workshop we had a sticker on the floor which read ‘HAVE FUN’ – visitors would always read it and smile. See an example here.

2. An interactive tip jar

Instead of a small jar on the counter, think about something that will excite your customers. A large container of water, for example, where a customer drops a coin in the top and hopes it lands on a platform (maybe to win a little prize). Another option is to set up voting tip jars, where you write two options on two separate tip jars and customers tip into the one that resonates to them. For example: "Where do you keep your ketchup?" The two jars will be labeled 'Fridge' VS. 'Pantry'. You could also construct a seesaw with people tipping on either side to keep the seesaw balanced. Having an interactive tip jar is entertaining since it not only makes things exciting for your customers and sparks light conversations, but it also raises tips.

3. Arrange your newspapers in a vintage inspired rack

Providing newspapers for customers to read provides a relaxing atmosphere and takes them away from their screens. I saw something like this in a hotel in India, and it not only keeps the newspapers from being thrown all over the tables, but it also creates an artistic display of newspapers on the wall.

Check out some ideas here

4. Create an interactive art project in your restrooms

First, you paint your restrooms white, then provide a sticker dispenser with various coloured dots and a small sign encouraging visitors to place the stickers anywhere they choose on the wall. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama's interactive Obliteration Room. Just make sure the stickers are made of plastic rather than paper so they don't become furry and are easy to remove.

5. Have a daily brain teaser

A great option for when people are waiting for something. You could even ask them to check out the answer on the store's Instagram story. It will not only encourage engagement but also the store owner wouldn’t have to tell the answer to every single customer which could become tiresome.

6. Introduce a ‘name of the day gets a free coffee’ campaign

Try having a little board which reads, if your name is ‘Sophie’ your coffee is free today. People will send this to their friends called Sophie, and yes you have to give away a few free coffees but chances are they will bring a friend with them, or buy something else. Or even better, become a long term customer.

Coca Cola ran ‘Share a Coke’ campaign where they had peoples names on the bottles and it has been their most successful campaign to date.

7. Run a bar raffle 

Start by running an hourly raffle and giving a ticket to a customer whenever they purchase one or more beers within the last hour. At the end of every hour the raffle is drawn and one lucky winner gets a prize, for example a $50 or $100 bar tab. This brings the bar together with excitement and also encourages customers to buy more rounds, faster (so they can get more tickets in the last hour's raffle).

8. Install an exercycle generator

This one might be a little bit more challenging but would be cool if executed well. A customer could sit on the bike and create ‘energy’ and earn themselves a free coffee if they generate enough power. Or just a pat on the back. I can’t imagine it would actually contribute much to your power bill but would be interesting and interactive regardless.

9. Suspend an indoor swing from your ceiling

We had a swing in our last office and it was always a point of interest for visitors. Just make sure it is attached securely!

10. Install world map wallpaper in your restrooms

It's nice to have something to look at other than your phone while sitting on the porcelain throne. Plus most people would enjoy looking at the world map to learn about geography. It also looks cool. A quick and simple method to make your restrooms more interesting.

11. Create a designated zone for dogs

I recently saw a Lululemon store that did this really well; they had a dog zone with the following items: dog bowls, dog treats for the owner to give their dog, a secure place to tie the leash to the building - a simple dog hook is a very nice and simple way to accommodate dogs and keeps the table leg from being dragged down the street. This could be something as simple as a wall-mounted carabiner.

12. Get creative with pavement stencils

You can promote your store by creating a stencil from plastic and marking it out on the sidewalk outside your store and down the road with chalk, or for something a little different, this can also be done with a water blaster, where the dirt is removed inside the stencil, creating a lasting, legal and wholesome advertisement.

For example you could make a stencil which said ‘cold beers 200m this way  

13. Personal development template, for solo cafe hopper

People love having coffee on their own but often end up on their mobile phones. The idea is to create a self reflection/personal development template which they can fill out while they wait. These could also be lighthearted and fun, basically like an activity kit for adults.

For example you could print out this — 

14. Grow ivy on your building

If you would like your building to have more street appeal but don’t have the funds to develop it, consider growing ivy on it. This could make your building more likely to be shared on Instagram if people see it as a photo opportunity! 

15. Make your water station a feature

WeWork (Co-Working space) have done a really great job of this by placing fruit in the water. This could also be done by having an interesting faucet. You should also have a clear place to put used water glasses. Even better if you offer sparking water as well.

16. Create take home recipe cards for your customers to recreate your food at home

Your customers clearly love your food, why don’t you share your trade secrets with them and let them in on how you make that epic chutney (or something else). This will create a community feel and make your customers feel part of the family. 

17. Get some custom stickers made

Give out free stickers to your customers, they will likely put them on their water bottle or laptop. An easy low-cost way to build a connection with your customers and may create more brand awareness for your business. 

18. Start a run club

A simple concept to create community and promote health and wellness. Simply meet at the store, go for a run/walk or both and then meet back afterwards to enjoy refreshments. This has been done successfully by Outdoor Voices

George Wilkins